Friday, June 25, 2010

What Can I Say...

Well as you may have noticed by my lack of posting...I have been unmotivated since getting back from Mexico:(

I've pretty much stopped running and most forms of cardio, but stuck with yoga...I guess its the only activity I really enjoy! That and hiking...

A couple weeks ago I decided that it was time to get back into the game and signed up for some boot camp classes with SassyFit and a 3-month unlimited yoga membership at MountainFlow. I had said boot camp class today and was the lone bootcamper...which means I worked my butt off. In fact I pushed myself so hard that I thought I was going to get sick a few times. I left the class feeling a bit dizzy and as I write this a couple hours later, am still feeling off. BUT....I know it is the kick in the butt I need and that gross-feeling will go away eventually and then I will feel GREAT!

The past two weeks I have been dedicated two mornings a week to bootcamp and have been working in a few yoga classes. Moving forward I will be adding cardio in the form of running back into my life. I've been eating my weight in veggies and have cut back on the naughtiness...with the exception of a ladies' weekend in Vegas, which didn't involve much food as I unintentionally replaced most meals with vodka...NEVER doing that again;) So I will leave you all with some lovely photos from my trip with the girls!


  1. Welcome back!!! It looks like so much fun! I want to do a boot camp one of these days ;)

  2. Missed your bloggy face! Glad you are back and yay for bootcamp. It will get easier over time I promise. I know how you feel though. Good job on the yoga!!!

  3. Welcome back! Glad you had fun in Mexico and Vegas. Don't you love those SassyFit girls?!?

  4. Thanks ladies...yes I love SassyFit!!!