Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Recap

If it wasn't for all the goodies at work, I think I would have been ok! But I can't complain too much...I made each choice and my clothes still fit. I definitely made better choices this Christmas than prior years. I would say I had dessert everyday, but I did stop eating when full. My meals were a little more indulgent with cheese, butter, etc. I did stick to a healthy Green Monster every morning and then either lunch or dinner was indulgent.

I did pretty well with the workouts (only got in half my running):

Monday: 75 min Power Yoga
Tuesday: 60 min Power Yoga
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 75 min Yoga, 2.5 mile run
Friday: off
Saturday: 75 min Power yoga
Sunday: 2.5 mile run

This week I am hoping for 4 yoga classes and 10 far just one yoga class, so I have to step it up!

On to a more exciting note...I got a new SLR camera for I may take the blog in another direction and begin posting more food and recipe entries...maybe one prepared meal per day. I just need to learn how to work it goal for the weekend!

Another goal for the weekend is to do lots of running...small amount (2-2.5 miles) each day with my boyfriend and his little sister (she is 15). She mentioned she wanted to workout with us, which I think is AWESOME! We got her a Lululemon hoodie for Christmas...I think that's what inspired her...haha! I am planning to run with them twice over the long weekend and do my own runs twice. The runs with them will be at more of a beginner level, but it will be fun and I'll count them as cross-training!

Another cool gift I got was a cookbook that uses goat cheese in every recipe! I love goat cheese! I made a salmon taco dish last night and it was glorious...I will have to make again and post pic with my new camera!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Re-cap

As I said last night, my weekend was pretty action-packed with is what I accomplished:

Workout schedule:
Monday - 2 hour yoga workshop - Check!
Tuesday - Run intervals (3 miles) +ST - Check!
Wednesday - Elliptical 30 min or off - Off
Thursday - Yoga 60 min - Check!
Friday - Run 3.5 miles + ST - Ran 1 mile, 30 min elliptical, + ST
Saturday - Run 3.5 miles + 75 min yoga - yoga, Check!
Sunday - 90 min yoga - Check + 2.6 mile run (though it was longer, but ended up only being 2.6!)

So I check most of my workouts off my list last goal, however, is to still get to that 10 miles per week. I am having the hardest time making myself get out there and run. Once I get moving I am's just getting myself to move! My plan for this week:

Workout Schedule
Monday - 75 min Yoga
Tuesday - 60 min Yoga + 3 miles Intervals
Wednesday - ST
Thursday - Jog 3 miles + Yoga
Friday - Off/Merry Christmas!
Saturday - Jog 4 miles + yoga
Sunday - Yoga

We are having a pot luck at work tomorrow...I'll report back on my future successful choices;) Can I confess that I am a bottomless pit lately...yikes!

Ooooh and clothes are feeling a bit better lately...still inthe same size, but a tad more comfortable!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yummy Snacks and NYR Ideas

I had my first Glow Bar today...holy YUM!!! I had the Empower bar, which is dark chocolate and roasted coffee...can I say it's my favorite even though I haven't tried any of the others yet?!

I've had a great weekend...great workouts, smart eating and got all my Christmas shopping done:) The workouts consisted of:

1. Friday - 30 min elliptical, ST upper body and 1-mile run
2. Saturday - 75 minute yoga
3. Sunday - 3 mile run and 90 minutes yoga

I also got a much needed massage on Saturday...I am thinking of making my New Years Resolution to earn one massage per month. The way I will earn my massage is getting my in 10 miles running and 3 sessions of yoga each week. I think that is doable and will keep me on track! I am also thinking about signing up for a 10K in March. A couple friends are doing it and it would be a great goal for me.

I had a girls night out to a wine bar on Saturday...I was really excited about this, because I haven't made too many friends yet since moving here. I had a really great time with the girls (they are the ladies signed up for the 10K). I stuck to 2 glasses of wine, had a chicken entree and we split baked brie for an appetizer and sea salt caramels for dessert (each got one caramel). It was the perfect amount of indulgence...I wasn't stuffed, but was satisfied, and happy I didn't go crazy!

I am looking forward to the festivities this week and coming weekend and not worrying too much about food...I think I've got this one!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I win, I win!

(In Mr. Bean's voice from Rat Race!!)

I probably had one of the best days yesterday...the stars aligned and it seemed everything I have been working on is paying off! For starters I got a call from my supervisor letting my know that I got a promotion! I asked for one back in June and it finally happened!

Next, I had my 2 hour yoga workshop/christmas party. Let me tell you, 2 hours of power yoga is HARD!!! I was a sweaty beast, but I got through it and I felt like all the classes I've been attending really helped! The class was 4 inches between you and the next person, sooo much body heat going on in that room!

After the yoga session, the owner of the studio held a christmas party with food, champagne and prizes. Another reason all my work attending yoga classes paid off is because I WON 3rd place in attending the most yoga classes since September (I've only been going since Oct!) I got a lulu bag full of goodies:

  • Luon tank from Lululemon
  • Yogitoes Headband
  • Yogitoes skidless towel
  • 5-class pack
  • MountainFlow long sleeve T

I was SUPER excited to win all that cool stuff, plus I won another door prize for a free drop-in class...score! Lululemon was there with a truck show and offering 15% off, so naturally I treated myself to a new shirt that I have been wanting:)

Today I woke up really sore and didn't make it to the morning yoga class I normally attend. Instead, I am going to run intervals on the treadmil after work as scheduled...and maybe a little ST:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Recap

So this week was a little harder than the rest. Work picked up and I found myself struggling to manage my time and get my workouts in. I figured it out by the end of the week and I am excited to keep making progress this week. Here are my workouts for the past week:

Workout Schedule:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Run Intervals 2.5 miles + 60 minutes Yoga - skipped the run, did the yoga
Wednesday - Run 3.5 miles during work + 75 minutes Yoga - skipped the run, did the yoga
Thursday - 60 minutes yoga (am), Run 1 mile (at higher speed) + Strength Training (pm) - Did the yoga and ran 3.5 miles during work
Friday - off
Saturday - 75 minutes yoga + 3 mile run - Done (3.5 miles)!
Sunday - 90 minutes yoga - Done!

So I got in 7 miles this week and 5 yoga classes...not bad, but I will do better this week and get in my 10 miles. My eating was pretty great all week...I stuck to my 2 glasses of wine and one desert (homemade apple crisp - split with boyfriend). I had a small piece or two of chocolate everyday to satisfy my sweet tooth and found this a great way to keep from snacking after dinner.

I ate out 3 times all week...and made decent choices. I split a couple entrees at an asian restaurant with my boyfriend on Thursday night and stopped eating when I was full. Friday we went to a french restaurant and I ordered butternut squash soup to start and had salmon with a small portion of whipped potatoes for my entree. I stuck to one glass of wine...we usually order a bottle here, plus we skipped desert (a first!). Saturday I got a half tomato/moz/basil pannini with a cup of tomato basil soup from a deli down the street (so good and I even stopped eating the soup when I was full and saved the rest for later...success!!!). I think I am getting the hang of this listening to your body thing.

So this week my workout plan includes the following:

Workout Schedule
Monday - 2 hour yoga workshop
Tuesday - Run intervals (3 miles) +ST
Wednesday - Elliptical 30 min or off
Thursday - Yoga 60 min
Friday - Run 3.5 miles + ST
Saturday - Run 3.5 miles + 75 min yoga
Sunday - 90 min yoga

I think this week is doable...Wednesday is up in the air...I am going to listen to my body and take the day off if I need it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Running for myself!

I was inspired by Jen' post this morning about ME having to get out there and do it for myself, soooo....I got outside. I took my lunch break to the road and put in 3.5 miles in about 39 minutes. I am still in that 11 minute/mile category, but I am just glad I got out there. Plus it was so cold, my lungs could barely handle it!

Reading all these great blogs everyday really helps me get motivated. When I see all these people doing great things for themselves, it reminds me that I deserve great things for myself too!

I am glad I got the run in now because I have plans tonight to attend a SassyFit Holiday party being held at the local Lululemon! I am pretty excited, I absolutely love both companies. I took a bootcamp with SassyFit last summer and can't wait to sign up for another once we get daylight back! They also keep a really cool blog (linked above) with great fitness and heathly living tips:) I also love that both companies offer promotional fitness classes, sometimes together!

The rest of my weekend plans include shipping Christmas prezies to my family in the midwest (staying in Seattle for the holidays...) and some yoga and running. It is supposed to start raining again next week, so I have to take advantage of the clear skies while I can! I am also thinking about a couple baking projects...I am going to raid some blogs I follow for healthy baked goods and give them a try!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Needing some Balance...

Things at work have gotten insane!! I can barely keep up. I had planned a 3.5 mile run today during work and was unable to make it out. In fact, I haven't run yet this week. Usually I have in about 6 miles by Wednesday. I have done 2 yoga sessions, however, so I am keeping up on that. In order to make my 10 miles I need to catch up by running for the next 4 days! I think I can do it as long as I vary the intensity of the runs...I normally take a day off between runs, but since I only go for 30-40 minutes at a time, I think its ok to go 4 days in a row, right??!! I left my outdoor running gear at work, so if I can squeeze one in tomorrow or Friday, I will be prepared!

I have been keeping my food in check this week! I've had a green monster for breakfast, cup of kashi or fiber one for a mid-morning snack, gigantic salad for lunch, fruit and yogurt for the afternoon snack and for dinner:

Monday - Ravioli with olive oil drizzle and caesar salad
Tuesday - Homemade burger with caramelized onions and steamed carrots
Wednesday - Seared tuna with mushroom couscous and steamed broccolini (fav for the week!)

Normally I would have had garlic bread with Monday's meal, oven fries with Tuesdays and wine with Wednesday. I would say Success! for not adding those extras. I've also had a small piece of chocolate for dessert each to satisfy the sweet tooth! Don't ask me how I limit myself to one Lindt truffle...those things are AMAZING!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Goals Re-Cap

I am very happy with my progress last week:

Monday - 6pm, Speed Intervals, 30 min (2.5 miles) - Done!
Tuesday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga 60 min - Done!
6pm, Strength training, 30 min - Done!
Wednesday - 3pm, Run 3.5 miles outside (at work) - Done!
Thursday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga - Done!
6pm, 2 miles on treadmill (try for 10 minute/mile pace) - Skipped:(
Friday - Off
Saturday - 9am, Run 3 miles outside - Done!
9:45am, Power Vinyasa Flow 75 min - Done!
Sunday - 4pm Restorative Yoga 90 min - Done!

So I only skipped one workout...not bad, since I had already put in a yoga session that morning. I was just under my 10 miles for the week, but I am just happy to be keeping consistent! I am a bit overwhelmed at work this week, but I am going to keep my workouts a priority. I took Monday off because I had a killer headache all day, but I am aiming to make up for it today:)

My eating has had some ups and downs. On a positive note, I am getting in a lot more veggies now that I am drinking the green monsters for breakfast. I also have been having salad for lunch. I did have a couple slip-ups this weekend that included a trip to McDonalds and take-out from a Mexican restaurant, but i think I made decent choices. Other than that, the eats have been pretty good. I only drank wine on Friday, but I may have had 3-4 glasses...aaaaand some chocolate mousse (it was glorious!) But onto a new week...

Workout Schedule:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Run Intervals 2.5 miles + 60 minutes Yoga
Wednesday - Run 3.5 miles during work + 75 minutes Yoga
Thursday - 60 minutes yoga (am), Run 1 mile (at higher speed) + Strength Training (pm)
Friday - off
Saturday - 75 minutes yoga + 3 mile run
Sunday - 90 minutes yoga

My goal to get those size 32 jeans to fit did not happen, although the jeans do feel a bit better...I am not quite there. My motivation match-up, Nicole, and I are extending our goals until the end of January. So that should be enough time to get into those suckers...even with Christmas coming up...I hope;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini Vacation!

I just booked an extended weekend get-away to NYC next month!!! My best friend is finishing up her graduate degree at NYU this semester, so I though I'd better visit just in case she gets a job else-where:) I have never been to the City, but I am so excited to go and really looking forward to a girls weekend!!! We haven't seen each other in over a year:(

We haven't made an itinerary yet, but I know I'd like to go to a Broadway show. She suggested In the Heights...but I am taking suggestions. I looked up the trailer and it looked pretty entertaining...hip hop musical love story that won a Tony in 2008.

There is so much to do and see that I will have to pick just a few of them. I will be there 3 whole days (with 2 travel days) and I know I want to see Central Park and eat at some fun restaurants in addition to the show. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? I'm sure she will have ideas as well...I just want to be prepared...(I'm a total planner!)

I'd really love to be able to go for a run through Central Park, but it being January...its not likely! I will save that for next time:) I wouldn't mind trying a yoga or spin studio while I'm there...I always read about how many cool fitness studios there are in NYC.

I love having a trip to look forward keeps me going sometimes with this whole health thing! We will be taking lots of pictures, so I want to look fab in them!! I am most excited to just be there and take it all in! I probably won't want to leave:)

On a sidenote...I made a green monster this morning and there was a little left-over, so I poured it in a cup and left it in the fridge. A couple of hours later, my boyfriend was texting me for the recipe so he could make another...he loved it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sore Muscles and No Music:(

I finally got a great strength training session in last night. I did a 30 minute total body circuit and I am feeling it today! One thing I noticed in my workout is that I can now do lunges where my knee touches the ground and I can also do the stability ball roll-ins. I used to never get those...I think because my core has improved so much that now they are possible. I'm still working on toe push-ups...I have a weak upper body, but that will soon change!!

So with all those sweet moves, my body is feeling it today! I managed to get a 3.5 mile run during work at about an 11 min/mile pace. Those damn hills get me every time. I think if I were running a flat course my pace would be a bit faster (but I don't think that exists in Seattle)! I will just keep working on running those day I will do it!

While on my way to work today, I realized that I had forgotten my ipod, so I had to do that run with no music!!! Not cool! I can see how its safer to run without music or if you have a route away from busy streets, you can listen to nature...but my route is nothing but cars zipping by. If it weren't for the sunny sky and the gorgeous views of the Cascades and Olympic Mountains, it would have been super boring!

We are actually supposed to have sun through this weekend, so I may take advantage and do another run on Friday (and my usual Saturday). I have yoga tomorrow morning to stretch out these hip flexors....ouch!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Finally Tried it!

After weeks of curiosity, I finally tried a Green Monster this morning. I wanted to have an energy boost before my morning yoga class...and that it did! I felt awesome...these are going to become part of my regular routine...although I am thinking about adding some frozen berries to the mix! I got hungry again while getting ready for work so I brought some oats with me and had my second breakfast. I like the idea of splitting up my breakfast like really kept me going:)

Thanksgiving Update

Well....I will admit that I ate more desserts than necessary, however I did spread them out and I stopped eating when I was full. I never felt stuffed all weekend, but maybe I could have made better choices. In any case, I'm not going to dwell on it. My plan was to get in one workout, but that didn't happen:( My body did enjoy my 3 days off from running/yoga, I think I needed that rest, because now I feel great. I signed up for a yoga class when I got back on Sunday and definitely noticed the difference in my body...I felt much stronger after the 3 rest days.

And did I mention Tom Skerritt (super talented actor) was in my yoga class Sunday?!?!! I was a little star struck, I must admit! I didn't realize he lived here in was pretty cool to see him in that environment! I came home and said to my bf..."Holy crap, I just practiced yoga with William Walker (I watch Brothers and Sisters every Sunday and loved him in Picket Fences)!

Workout Plan

My scheduled workouts for the week include:

Monday - 6pm, Speed Intervals, 30 min (2.5 miles) - Done!
Tuesday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga 60 min - Done!
6pm, Strength training, 30 min
Wednesday - 3pm, Run 3.5 miles outside (at work)
Thursday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga
6pm, 2 miles on treadmill (try for 10 minute/mile pace)
Friday - Off
Saturday - 9am, Run 3 miles outside
9:45am, Power Vinyasa Flow 75 min
Sunday - 4pm Restorative Yoga 90 min

I'm finding it hard to fit in 10 miles per week and all my yoga and ST without having a day for rest...I hope that I can soon add mileage to each day so that I am running 10 miles, 3 days per week. I get pretty tired after 3-3.5 miles, so my next December will be to do a 4-miler on the weekend and two 3 milers during the week. Speaking of are the results to my November Goals:

November Goals Report:
Fitness Goals:
1. Power Yoga 3x per week - Done!
2. Run 10 miles per week - Close...I'm calling it a victory because I made an effort to run each week!
3. Strength Train 2x per week - Beyond yoga, I didn't do extra ST 2x each week
4. Maintain a 10 min/mile for 3 miles - I am close to this...I think I can do it by the end of December.
5. Improve from cobra to updog during vinyasas - Done!

Food Goals:
1. Track everyday and stay within calorie range - Out of range a few times
2. One dinner out per week - Done, for 3/4 weeks
3. 2 alcoholic drinks per week - Fail!!!
4. limit added sugar/unhealthy fats to 200 calories - Fail!!!

I am going to keep these goals going into December. For fitness goal new yoga goal is to hold crow pose.