Friday, July 23, 2010

A Nice Day in Seattle!

Seattle is so much nicer when the sun is out. It seems like everything just looks better, tastes better and is just that much more enjoyable. I had a wonderful weekend with my friend as it was her first time visiting and I got to play tourist! So here are some pictures from our adventures!
We had a lot of fun going to the Seattle Bites food festival, which I will share pic of our yummy eats in a separate post. We hiked, kayaked, drank wine and ate a lot of good food! Pike's Place market is so cool, but sooo crowded! I want to go back and pick us some fresh flowers and some fresh fish...that salmon is HUGE! We even got to see them throw some fish, good times!

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  1. LOVE THE PICS!! Oh and the space needle... :) I have dined in the space needle and thought it was breathtaking! What a fun touristy weekend. I am jealous that you live in Seattle. There is just SO much awesome stuff to see!