Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rooftop Yoga

My yoga studio (Mountain Flow Yoga) offers roof top yoga when it's nice outside. And today it is very nice out...77 degrees with clear skies. Once I'm done with work, I plan to bolt out of here to the studio for some much needed warmth and sun (my office keeps the AC on way too high!!!) I forgot my camera, but the next time I go to class on the roof, photos will follow! It's so beautiful practicing with views of Lake Washington, Mt Rainier and the Cascades in the background. I also love the sounds of the breeze, birds and children playing across the street at a playground. It's nice to take all these sounds of life in and be thankful.

I am excited to practice, however am very sore from an amazing bootcamp class I had this morning! I can't get over how much more fun and energizing it is working out when the weather is nice:) We did tons of strength training drills and sprints and my whole body is sore, it was a complete total body workout.

I have been rocking the wraps and salads for lunch lately and am loving the combo of hummus and salsa instead of a traditional salad dressing. I try to pair a big flavorful salads with some sort of protein like beans or left-over chicken with a small piece of fruit. Here is one of my lunch creations:

Green leaf with avocado, green onion, pico de gallo, and hummus with a piece of left-over chicken and a small apricot from the CSA. I find it's much more fun to have a voluminous lunch rather than something more calorie dense.

My other favorite in blog-land is the infamous banana soft serve. It's great because you can try so many variations. This one has 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, chia seeds and topped with cacao nibs for a little crunch. I could eat this! MMmmmm!

Note - I made this around 9 pm for dessert...and it's still so light out! Have I mentioned that I love Seattle summers!?!?!

What's your favorite summer dessert?


  1. wow-rooftop yoga sounds amazing!

  2. Love the idea of rooftop yoga . . . any yoga sounds heavenly - I haven't been able to fit it into my schedule.

    The banana soft serve looks good - but it looks like it must have some yogurt in it?????

  3. Seattle summers ARE the best! Where is your yoga studio again? I know you told me at the party but I forgot. I'd love to come for a rooftop class sometime - do they have an special offer for new people or anything like that? Finally, how do you make the banana thingy - that looks awesome!

  4. one of the things I have been very lucky to discover since moving to miami is yoga outside...amazing! You are lucky to have the much better weather right now though! mine is more like hot yoga :)

  5. Your rooftop yoga class sounds great. I can't wait to see the beautiful pics of seattle! And yummmoo on the soft serve! I just made my first batch last weekend and LOVED it. No one really understood that it wasn't icecream. Score - it tastes good and is good for you.

  6. SRG - Mountain Flow is in the Madrona neighborhood on Spring and 34th.

    The banana soft serve is made just by putting a chopped frozen banana into a food processor. I usually add a splash of milk to get things moving. You can also add fruit, nut butter, chia seed, cacao, etc to get different flavor:)

  7. Oh and yes, you can get 10 classes for $48.

  8. I miss summer! Silly New Zealand with it's backwards seasons. It's still mid-winter here.

    My favourite summer dessert, though, is one my cousin made for me a few years back. About 1/4 cup each of vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip (from a tub). Mix it up really well and top with a few slices of banana and some fresh berries. It's best with frozen Cool Whip, I find, as it's just that much colder on a hot summer day.

    Will definitely have to try that soft serve when the weather warms up enough to start thinking about cold treats!