Monday, July 26, 2010

Bite of Seattle

I took my friend that was visiting 2 weekends ago to the Bite of Seattle foodie festival for lunch. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and we walked through the grounds admiring all the choices. We decided on purchasing a $10 ticket for The Alley sponsored by Tom Douglas where 95% of proceeds benefited Food Lifeline, a local hunger relief organization in Western Washington.

The menu was stellar as seven local restaurants showcased a bite of their delicious food. Here is my plate of goodness:
The menu included:
Etta's - Rub with Love salmon with cucumber slaw.
Purple Café - Gorgonzola stuffed dates with pine nuts. Al Boccalino, Seattle’s Little Italy - A cold soup with oven toasted beets, balsamic vinegar, orange juice scented with thyme. John Howie Steakhouse - Sliced filet mignon (I didn't get the description on this one, but it was fabulous!) Roxy’s Diner - Hot pastrami on rye with mustard. BARRIO - Achiote rubbed prawns with spicy red sangrita. Sand Point Grill - Peach Shortcake - Washington peaches, gluten-free nutmeg cake, honey yogurt whip and tart berry syrup. I couldn't believe how much food we got for $10...I definitely did not expect it! They had this going on all weekend and I may have had dreams about that salmon and pastrami sandwich! I thought about going back, but the crowd was pretty intense! As we meandered the rows of vendors, we each picked up a mango lemonade...YUM! I also got a nutella crepe and it was just meh, ok...
I was glad that I did not get the strawberry shortcake like this lady below. Now that is some SERIOUS food coma!!!
Have you been to any good festivals lately? What is your favorite festival food?


  1. That is hilarious!!! The food looks wonderful! I have never been to a food festival. I would love to try one though :)

  2. haha, great picture! I feel like that sometimes after eating so much. Especially at fun summer events like this!
    I love the idea of prawns and spicy red sangria. What a combo! And beets in salads is one of my favorites. I think they really add so much texture and flavor.

  3. Looks like you seriously made good on the amazing food offerings at the festival. There's a garlic festival in a town near the Bay Area that I've always wanted to attend. I love garlic, so I can imagine that there's plenty of delicious, garlic-saturated recipes to try there.

  4. LOL at the food coma photo! Those gorgonzola stuffed dates from Purple are so good, I order them every time I'm there.

  5. The steak and peach shortbread look fantastic. Thanks for sharing. :)