Monday, January 11, 2010

Boot Camp Day 1

I set my alarm for 5:15 am for my 6am class. I dismissed the alarm instead of snooze and ended up waking up at 5:35...yikes! I jumped out of bed, got my clothes out of the dryer, put in my contacts, brushed the teeth and grabbed my mat, towel, water and Globar on the way out the door! It was a crazy way to begin my morning, but I got there!

I had half the Globar on the way to the meeting place, and it was the perfect amount to fuel me through the intense workout:) I wasn't exactly sure what to expect...was the class indoors or outdoors?...It ended up being outdoors and I am so glad I wore pants and long sleeves! We completed a 50 minute class in the 6 am darkness and rain...IT FELT AWESOME!

The class started out with 5 laps around a city block, followed by some intense (and creative!)strength training moves, 5 more laps and some abs. I calculated the mileage on mapmyrun and it came out to about 3 miles total! The strength training was under a covered ally (thankgod!) I love working out with SassyFit...they always have fun new moves to try and the trainer setting really helps me to push myself beyond what I would do on my own. We did 30 reps of each move and plan to increase to 40 next week, and 50 the 3rd and final week...that should be interesting;)

I grabbed a nonfat latte afterward before heading home, and let me say...awesome morning workout + caffeine = Crazy amounts of energy!! I can't even describe how great I felt...I'm excited for the rest of the classes and I hope to see improvement in my all-over strength.

I started hitting an energy wall this afternoon, so I had a half cup of coffee and an orange, and feel much better. I expect it will be an early night!

Onto other updates, we had seared ahi tuna with roasted potatoes and a salad last night (too lazy to take a picture!) and the menu plan for this week is...

Monday - Flank Steak with mexi-rice and sauteed peppers & onions
Tuesday - Minestrone Soup with Parmesan popovers
Wednesday - Turkey Pesto Pasta with salad
Thursday - Homemade herb and cheese pizza with side salad

I am going to try and get more creative with the side salads! Friday we usually eat out and Saturday we figure it out that day.

Workout Plan
Monday - Bootcamp
Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - Bootcamp
Thursday - Yoga
Friday - Off
Saturday - Jog 4 miles + Yoga
Sunday - Yoga

I am trying to increase my "long" runs on the weekends. I have been stuck at 3-3.5 miles, so plan to up it to 4 this weekend and go from there.


  1. your bootcamp class sounds awesome!! good job! i would love to do a bootcamp class one day!

    I found your blog through Linz's at Destination 26.2 blog, and i love yours!
    looking forward to reading more!!!

  2. mmm, the menu you've got planned sounds fantastic!
    I make my first flank steak this New Year's eve, it turned out great.

    Love the GloBars. I won some in a giveaway not too long ago, and I agree, they are nice and filling!

  3. Bootcamp sounds awesome - I love SassyFit! I can't wait for the weather to improve - I'll definitely sign up for one then!

  4. You make me want to get up in the morning and work out now! I am horrible in the winter. I do not want to do anything in the morning. It is tooo cold for me :-( Great job on the workout. I am envious!

  5. Right on! Bootcamp sounds awesome. I loved mine when I did it. I felt my body changing literally overnight due to the intensity. And goodluck on your 4 miles!

  6. So glad you had a great time at bootcamp - the rain would have done me in ;)