Thursday, January 14, 2010

Overcoming Pizza

My boyfriend LOVES pizza.

Occasionally I succumb to ordering pizza from our fav place. Tonight we had planned on making our own pizza...but we were both super lazy, so we compromised and got an oven pizza. I think the key to not overeating pizza for me is to cut into 6 slices instead of 4 and to only take 2 pieces. I have to pair my two slices with a salad, otherwise I will go for more. I topped a bed of spinach with a poppyseed dressing so that it got rid of the pizza taste and satisfied my sweet-tooth at the same time. Another key is to eat the pizza first, then the salad...if I have a lingering pizza taste in my mouth...there's no holding back!

I had another sparkling OJ for dessert and was completely content with my belly. Today's meals included:

Breakfast - Green Monster
Mid-morning snack - Glo Bar
Lunch - tomato-basil veggie burger with sliced mozzarella on 2 pieces of Ezekiel (panini style on the foreman at work)
Afternoon snack - medium sized grapefruit
Dinner - 2 slices pepperoni pizza, spinach salad
Dessert - OJ cocktail

I had a yoga session this was extremely hard getting there...but of coarse I was glad that I went. My plan for tomorrow is to go jogging outside followed by 30 min strength training in the morning...I have to keep up on the early rising thing! It is going great so far:)


  1. That is a good idea to do the pizza first, then the salad to get rid of the taste. I will try that next time :-)

  2. I really like cutting the pizza into smaller slices. That's what we do during pizza night at home. I cut ours into 12 pieces (14" round) and then if I really want 3 I have them!

  3. Pizza, Pizza! So good! I have learned over the months to make my own. I use pita pockets and I just love the crispyness of them when they come out of the over, it may be a subconcious thing for me becasue I gave up Potatoe Chips. They were my trigger :-)

    now when I have regular pizza I always feel so full and gross and weighed down. Funny how our tastes change!

    Have fun at Yoga, and have a great weekend!

  4. Just to keep it straight, the blender was full of spinach shake water! Gross I know. I realized that was in the background and hoped no one noticed. Thanks a lot! :) Have fun at the italian rest. Of course I am JEALOUS and will be waiting for the full report!!

    And regarding your pizza method.. I never thought about eating the salad second. I would think you would eat the salad to fill up and then hopefully have self control on the pizza. That is my method of madness that never seems to work. I will have to try your method next time!!

  5. So true! I can never eat less than 4 slices of pizza (which is why I always get the small pizza - the slices are much less calorie dense)!

  6. It's so hard to hold back when it comes to pizza. I can remember as a kid I would never try to stop eating, I just kept going and going (but I wasn't overweight, I just didn't think about it!). Now it's hard, but I try to listen to my body, and that helps, obviously :)

    You made an excellent point on your comment on my blog today. Taco Bell diet commercial in the middle of the BL?? Right after that whole Jillian segment?! So lame.

  7. Pizza is my weakness too. Sounds like you have a great way to deal with it!

  8. GREAT idea eating the salad AFTER the pizza. Next time we order I will give it a try!