Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Craziness!

Well I gave in slightly this weekend and ate many meals out from Friday to Sunday (not to mention Wednesday's dinner out!) Lets start with Friday...woke up at 6 am and started doing work and prepared a sit-down, non-rushed breakfast. I ended up running for 30 minutes and doing 30 minutes of strength training after work.

Breakfast - Did really well here...1 egg, 2 buttered slices of Ezekiel, 1/2 grapefruit (I'll have to post a pic I took of this...not uploaded yet!)
Lunch - Veggie burger on 1 slice whole wheat, laughing cow
Snack - orange
Dinner - Went out to La Spiga, a nice Italian restaurant in Capitol Hill in Seattle, and ordered the tasting menu with wine pairing....eek! The meal was served family style and was absolutely fabulous and I don't regret one morsel. They had just received an overnight shipment of fresh white truffle and were offering to shave onto a dish of your choice (for a pretty hefty fee may I add)...and we totally splurged and tried it! The meal started with 3 small appetizers (zucchini salad, crostini, sheep's milk aged cheese) then we moved to pasta and had a wild boar tagliatelle and a butternut squash ravioli (with the shaved truffle!!)...I can't even describe how amazing this course was! For the entree we had a crisp homemade sausage served over polenta and porcini mushrooms...most amazing sausage and they totally changed my mind about polenta! Desert was a cappuccino and small panna cotta with raspberry drizzle. I was in food heaven all night! The meal was so warm and comforting. The three 4 oz pours were from the Piedmont region and the food was inspired by Northern Italian cuisine.

After dinner, we met some of my co-workers for bowling and I had about 1 beer there. Bowling was so much fun, I haven't been in a year and a half, so i was glad we went!

Not sure how, but I made it to my yoga class without a hangover! Came home and made breakfast.
Breakfast - Steel cut oats with fried egg (over-easy) and half a glass of chocolate milk. This oatmeal/egg concoction was delish!
Lunch - Ham and cheese panini with a side of chips and apple-blackberry juice from the deli down the street. I usually don't "waste" calories on juice, but its fresh-made and I've been dying to try it!
Dinner - Chicken Teriyaki take-out, I ate about half of the huge portion size! I saw after I ordered that they serve brown rice, so I will half to get that next time!

Around noon, I went for a 40-45 minute run and tallied just under 4 miles...made my longer run goal!!
Breakfast - Repeat of egg/2 slices Ezekiel/0.5 grapefruit
After Run Lunch #1 - 1/4 portion of left-over chicken teriyaki
Lunch #2 - Met a big group at Diamond Knot Brewery for a late lunch and hockey game (development league) and had about 2-2.5 beers (kept pouring half glasses to try different drafts!) and 2 slices of pizza. Drank water at the game:)
Late Dinner - We stopped at a pub near our apartment that we haven't been to yet and split a half order of black bean nachos and a sausage grinder (+ diet coke for me!) I had less than half of each and stopped eating when I was full. The pub ended up having live music...this couple was playing an acoustic guitar and violin was beautiful. I really enjoyed their music and hope to go back again...they play the 3rd Sunday each month:)

So I had a pretty fun-packed weekend, which was really nice for a change. I've been pretty lame lately and there are so many things to do and see here that I haven't yet! My eats could have been better, but I am glad I kept with my workouts.

This week's workouts include bootcamp today and Wednesday, yoga and one day of jogging. Thursday I fly to NYC and lots of walking is on the schedule until next Monday!!!!


  1. Great job on keeping up the workouts! I hope that you have a great week :-)

  2. Oatmeal and eggs? Mixed together? Interesting...what did it taste like?

    Also, what are your plans for the weekend in NYC? I'll be out of town all day Sunday but would love to get together some other time if you're free!

  3. I'm not exaclty sure what my friend has planned. I know we are going to see a broadway show Friday night and out with her friends for karokee on Saturday night. And lots of sightseeing in between:)

  4. good job of keeping track of everything!!!

    and yay for NYC!!!! hopefully this nice weather continues!

  5. Congrats on making your longer running goal! Have fun in NYC - such a great town.

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  7. LOVE La Spiga! Sounds like a super fun time, esp. the white truffles!