Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting the Veggies in!

I've been experimenting with vegetarian meals lately. Ideally I would like to include at least one vegetarian dinner per week. There are tons of great recipes around blogland, so I decided to try out a stuffed squash. I chose an acorn squash and paired it with roasted beets! So delish!

1 acorn squash
diced mushrooms
diced peppers
diced onions
mozzarella (I used goat moz!)

Quinoa (optional)

I intended to use quinoa, but forgot!

Saute veggies in olive oil. Bake the squash and fill with sauteed veggies, top with cheese and put under the broiler until cheese melts.

The beets were roasted in olive oil, salt & pepper

I don't remember the exact temp or time for baking the squash, but it was around 350 degrees for 45 minutes (ish). Until its soft...

I absolutely love beets, especially roasted. They are so flavorful when roasted...they almost seem caramelized with yuminess! After I took this photo, my boyfriend informed me that he had made a beet sauce to drizzle over the meal (he has been experimenting with sauces!).

He sauteed the beets before roasting them in the oven. With the juices in the saute pan, he added some water and a little sugar and reduced. Pretty easy, and very delicious!

This meal kept me full the rest of the night...though we did eat at about 9 pm! We've been eating real late recently because we are trying to prioritize working out after I get back from work this there were some additional errands involved. I was glad that I ate a veggie dish so late rather than a heavier pasta or meat I felt great in the am!

On a side note...anyone try GloBars yet? They're insanely delish...I recommend ordering at least two boxes...I especially love the special variety packs and the Heaven bar:) Happy ordering!


  1. Loving your new camera! It takes amazing pics! What kind is it again? And I love your new meals - they are making me want to really experiment in the kitchen.

  2. That stuffed squash looks fab and you're so right, I have to try Glo Bars!