Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolution No. 2 & 3

Eat Food Slowly!

I have a real problem with inhaling my food as soon as it is plated. I think part of this relates back to my childhood when I just wanted to finish dinner so I could play or watch tv. The other part is that I hate when my food gets cold...it just doesn't taste as good (I know...not a good excuse!)

I know that I should eat slowly to allow my body to recognize when it is full...so I am going to practice this at each meal. I do well when I'm eating out because I engage in conversation and the distraction of the tv isn't there. I've finally convinced the boyfriend to move dinner onto the dining room table instead of the couch and coffee table, but we live in a apartment, so the tv is still right in front of us and he enjoys having it on during dinner...so I compromise:)

Lunch is ok too...I'm usually reading blogs while eating lunch at my desk, so I take my time enjoying my break. Breakfast, however, really needs some work! I've been making Green Monsters for breakfast lately and I practically chug them! When I eat cereal, oatmeal, or anything else for breakfast, it's gone in under 5 minutes! I think the problem here comes from rushing through my morning to get to work, usually because I've overslept...which brings me to Resolution No. 3:

Wake up! Use the mornings to either workout, make and enjoy breakfast, or get to work early.

I am going to get to bed at 10:30 and get up between 6 and 6:30. I want to start my day off early every morning and get into a routine. The days that I am lacking motivation to get my workout in, I will still get out of bed and take my time to get ready or get to work early. It's when I sleep in that gets me off track and makes it harder to stick to early mornings.

I have boot camp starting next week...twice a week at 6 am, opposite my morning yoga, so that will give me a reason to get up early on the off days to morning yoga. I'll post more about this boot camp later (I'm pretty excited for it)!

Workout update: I did great keeping up my workouts over the holidays. I didn't run as much as I had planned, but I got in all my yoga and about half the running and even a little strength training! My plan for this week is:

Workout Schedule
Monday - Run/ST 30 min - Done!
Tuesday - Yoga 60 min - Done
Run 3 miles
Wednesday - Yoga 75 min
Thursday - Yoga 60 min
Run 3 miles
Friday - Off
Saturday - Run 3 miles
Yoga 75 min
Sunday - Yoga 90 min

My yoga practice is really coming along...I can hold a full wheel now (I haven't been able to do that EVER, not even as a kid!) I come pretty close to crow and a few other inversions. My shoulder stand is much more solid and my hamstrings are like jell-o compared to how tight they used to be! I am still working on hip opening, and they are getting a bit looser each week:)

Running is also slowly getting better...I ran a mile on the treadmill last night at 6.0, which is a big improvement. I am working up to 3 miles at 6.0. I need to keep up with my running goals each week, especially if I sign up for that 10K in March...yikes!


  1. I know what you mean, my husband puts the lap top on the kitchen table while eating dinner and it drives me batty. I am learning to eat slow as well, I have always been a slow eater but just being more mindful is what I need to work at

  2. I used to eat in front of the tv all of the time. When we moved from Arizona to South Carolina I told my husband I wanted to throw out the tv trays because I wanted a change. I have not regretted it since :-)

  3. I am excited to hear about bootcamp. I did a three month camp this summer and LOVED it! It was a great way to learn new exercizes too. And I have similar issues with my mornings. I would love to wake up earlier and just feel organized when I am leaving for work. I think that is why I love the green monster so much because I can run out the door with it, as long as I have that 2 minutes to mix it all together and my blender is cooperating.

  4. Gina, I love your New Years Goals! Especially eating slowly and getting up early. The latter goal is one that I really struggle with. I, too, would like to start getting up at 6am every morning! The first day is always the hardest...

    Keep it up!

  5. I've had that same issue with my husband - I want to eat in the dining room, he wants to eat in front of the tv! We usually compromise by doing tv some nights and dining room others. Good luck on the waking up early - I'm doing the same and it's so hard to get to sleep before 11:30!

  6. Great job with all the yoga, Gina!! I really need to get back to practicing regularly...I just barely have time to fit in running and other cardio! :)

    And good for you on trying to eliminate distractions while eating! That's a huge problem for me, so I try to always keep water/diet soda next to me on the couch and only bring out a single serving of a snack, not an entire bag of chips/popcorn/whatever.

    Still planning a trip to NYC soon? We should grab a bite together!

  7. I've been working on getting to bed earlier as well. Its tough.

    Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday :)