Friday, February 26, 2010

Afternoon Snacks

Lately, I've been really hungry when I get home and I don't like to eat right before my 6 pm workout. So I decided it was time to experiment with my afternoon snack. Usually I have a yogurt or string cheese and a pear, orange or apple. I saw some yummy looking Flax Granola at the store the other day and thought it would be a good addition to my afternoon snacks. Hawaiian pineapple, coconut and mango...YUM!
I diced up the pear, added some greek yogurt and a handful of granola. The granola was really tasty with all the dried fruit and the pear came from my CSA box! The yogurt, however, wasn't that great. I used a 0% fat variety and it was just not very good:( I think I either need to add a little honey next time or get the 2%. I was kind of watery and blah...
This snack was higher in calories than I usually have, but it really filled me up and kept me full for 4 more hours. I think I will be adding a more filling snack to my days (unless I'm not too hungry of coarse!)

Here is a close-up...that granola is not going to last too long! So good!

I also decided to give Kombucha a try because it was on sale this week. This stuff is a bit pricey so I figured I would take advantage! I was a bit nervous to try because of the stringy bacteria at the bottom, but it was surprisingly good! It had a little fizz to it and the gingerade flavor was refreshing. I drank most of the bottle throughout the afternoon (except the last bit!) I have to admit, I made me feel a little buzzed:)

I took a rest day yesterday because I was really headachey after work. We had left-overs for dinner, but I wanted to make something out of my CSA box, so we made Kale chips for the first time. They were so yummy...I may have had a heavy hand with the salt shaker;) The boyfriend described them like eating crispy, salty air...ha! I guess I expected them to be thicker...but they were yummy! My only complaint is that they really made our apartment stinky! We had to light some candles:)

My weekend plans include a homemade Indian-themed dinner with a bottle of white and a party at the Space Needle tonight...I'm pretty excited because I haven't been up it yet and it's cocktail attire! We made the marinade for tandoori chicken last night (holy crazy amount of spices!) and then we're making a curry yogurt cauliflower dish (cauliflower from the CSA box!) and I am going to pick up some garlic naan from Trader Joe's after work.

Saturday includes the usual yoga class, strength training with the bf and I'm hoping to get outside and run at least 2 miles...I am getting back into it slowly. We also have dinner plans with some friends. Sunday is Spring Cleaning...and maybe some restorative yoga and easy cardio.


  1. I am working on the spring cleaning too! It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! You will have to post a picture of your cocktail attire :-)

  2. Hmm... I have been curious about those kale chips. It just doesn't seem like it would taste good. But I might have to buck up and try it out. Thanks for the warning on the smell! :)

    Have fun in the space needle. We took a family vacation there a long long time ago and got to eat dinner in the rotating restaraunt. It was such a memorable experience! :)

  3. the gingerade looks interesting. I dont think they sell it here in Toronto. i have no idea. next time, ill look for it. But it looks cool!
    and your weekend sounds great. Enjoy it!!! Happy Friday!

  4. Wow, you do have a lot going on! Tonight should be fun. I've never been to Seattle but hear its absolutely gorgeous.

    I've tried kale chips three different times and they tasted like ass all three times! Glad you had better luck.

    My CSA had a fire in the fall, so they aren't going to do one this year - guess its just the good ole farmers market - just have to wait three more months! :(

  5. biz319...haha! I did put a lot of salt on, so that may have helped. I also read that if they get slightly burned, they do taste like ass. I roasted at 375 for about 7-8 minutes...if you decide to try them again!

  6. An Indian themed dinner sounds great!! Have fun!!

  7. That's too funny, Nick said pretty much the same ting when he tried kale chips for the first time, "umm, they just dissolved in my mouth..." and his face was CLASSIC.

    I hope the Indian-themed dinner turned out. It sounds like it was going to be fantastic! Nick claims he doesn't like Indian food, but I have yet to see him ever even try it. I may have to do my own Indian-themed dinner one day!