Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lululemon Loot!

I scored some new gear from the loot section on the Lululemon website (yay for free shipping on all their stuff!) I had been eyeing the top below for some time in the stores, but it disappeared from stores and online and I was bummed....then it showed up discounted on the loot page and I snatched it up!!! Glad I held out, although its not too often that the items I want most end up dicounted;) I plan to try out this top at a power yoga session tonight!

I am totally a pants or crops kind of girls when it comes to working out. But then lulu came out with these super cute running shorts and I procrastinated on trying them, but couldn't pass them up once the price was cut! I wore them on Sunday for some cardio at the gym (elliptical, incline walking) and they worked out pretty well. The waistband is super soft on the inside and I love that it is wide...meaning it doesn't cut into my sides and make me feel uncomfortable. The side split was great for my large thighs. The built in underware gave me a wedgie when I tried running, so I stuck to walking. They stayed in place once I got a bit more sweaty...but I didn't try running again as its kind of embarrasing fixing my shorts at the gym! Overall I was pretty happy with them for other cardio, but I think I will stick to my crops or pants for actual running.

I had a great day for workouts and eating. I ended up getting in another cardio workout in the evening - 40 min combination of running, intervals and incline walking - a total of 100 minutes of cardio. I haven't done that since I started losing weight 3 years ago...it felt great! My eats were on target as well:

Bfast - Green monster (banana, milk, spinach, flax, frozen berries)
Lunch - Leftover risotto, garden salad with black bean veggie burger and evoo/balsamic
snack - apple + Glo bar
pre-workout snack - handful of cinnamon toast crunch (tastiest cereal EVER)
Dinner - tuna sashimi appetizer, spaghetti with ground turkey and mushroom meat sauce
desert - 1 chocolate truffle


  1. ooooh nice loot!!!
    i love lululemon's sale items. If only they were a bit more on the 'sale' side......oh, a girl can dream!!!!

    ya for your workouts too! let us know how your new shirt workouts out in yoga!

  2. love that top! I always look through the discounted racks at LuLu. I have only paid full price for the hoodies and I cherish those suckers :-)

  3. I love the hoodies too...I broke down and bought one a couple of months ago...I wear it more than anything in my wardrobe! I paid full price for groove pants and crops because they are my favorite and are never on sale:(

  4. I'd have the same concern with the shorts. The top is cute! One day I'm gonna be super rich and buy a bunch of stuff from there - hahhaa a girl can dream right?