Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Gym and New Yoga Studio

Yesterday was a day of left-overs and I enjoy using them and not just throwing them out! I started the day with the usual green monster (banana, flax, milk, 2 cup spinach, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder and frozen mixed berries-which actually made it more of a purple monster!). Then for lunch I used some left-overs to make a meal of couscous with pine nuts and mushrooms topped with steamed asparagus.

I had an apple and a pair in the afternoon along with my chocolate present (which was everything I had hope it to be!) I was still hungry when I got home so I had half a banana with almond butter before my yoga class.

I took the level 2-3 power yoga class tonight. It was pretty hard, but I felt like I worked a little harder...I think I am ready to add this class to my routine! Jaime, my favorite instructor teaches this class and I find myself going to 3 of her classes per week...she's great!

Mountain Flow Yoga is moving to a new location and thankfully it's going to be even closer to where I live! They start classes in the new space next Monday. Supposedly it is on the ground level with 12 foot ceilings and big windows. They are going to hold a rooftop yoga class in the summer when it's nice...can't wait for that! It is also located near a Cupcake Royale (could be dangerous!) I signed up for a 2 hour workshop on March 7, followed by a party to celebrate the new space...champagne after yoga is probably not the best idea, but I'm pretty excited about the new space and the workshop...did I mention I love power yoga?!

After yoga last night, the boyfriend and I ate the left-over chicken and risotto for dinner and then went to the new gym to lift back. We did about 45 minutes of back and I was pooped! I had a light snack of yogurt and a bit of smoked salmon and went to bed early.

I woke up this morning at 5:30 for Spin! I love that the new gym (Denali Fitness) has morning Spin. I felt pretty great throughout the class until about 45 minutes in...the final two songs were a joke...I was done! I listened to my body and took it easy during the final 10 minutes of class and I feel great now. I may even go back tonight for more:)


  1. Yay for spin class! Good for you for listening to your body. I get really excited in spin classes because it's dark and the music is so loud I don't realize how fast and hard I am going until I realize I can barely breath because I am spinning so fast.

    And way to workout with the bf! That's always fun! :)

  2. You're doing SUCH an amazing job getting workouts in - go you! I mean, a 5:30 spin class after an evening of yoga and lifting? So awesome! :)

    How is asparagus tasting now? I've seen a bunch of big displays at my supermarket, but I'm thinking it's a little too early for it to be in season, especially in the states...

  3. wooooo new gym AND new yoga! yay!! thats great!
    rooftop yoga, ive only read about that in books! haha. that will be amazing!!!

    keep up the great work with all your workouts.

  4. Yes, I like working out with the bf, especially because it means he gets to the gym;)

    Kara - Thanks, I surprisingly had a lot of energy this morning (until I hit a wall at the end!) The asparagus was really thin, as in thinner than a pencil. It had a slightly more bitter taste than usual. I think these were from Mexico...I can't wait (clearly!) until the local variety come around!

  5. Hi Gina!
    I wanted to answer the question you asked on my blog, about the granola. It doesn't get really hard, but it gets heard enough to cut and eat like a bar. It's like a chewy granola bar! It needs to sit in the fridge for a few hours first though. It's really tasty.

  6. You are a busy girl! Way to go on your workouts :-)