Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jacques Torres Chocolate

I have many words to describe the drinks at Jacques Torres...this was the most amazing, thick, creamy, chocolaty, rich, delicious mocha I have ever had! The menu includes classic hot chocolate, mocha, and varieties of hot chocolate including peanut butter and a spicy chili mix. I was in need of warmth and caffeine, so I went with the mocha...and it did not disappoint! My friend also ordered a chocolate chip cookie and let me try a piece...I will say she only offered a small piece and I totally understood was heaven! I wouldn't want to part with anymore...wish I would have gone back up to order another:)

Thick chocolaty goodness...note the chocolate is forming a nice skin on top...a sign of true yuminess! I savored every sip!

I just love the little chocolatier sign outside the shop!

The inside was pretty tiny and all decorated for Valentines Day. We managed to score a little table by the window with these charming little painting of birds! I really loved the decor, it was very warm and inviting...we could have sat there for hours!!

If you ever have the chance to visit one of Jacques' shops, I highly recommend ordering a drink and taking home some truffles or baked goods for later!