Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Roots Organics

After watching Food, Inc. a week ago, I immediately went online to seek out a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I had been pondering the idea for about a year, but never acted on it because I enjoy picking out my produce at Farmer's Markets. However, I do not make it to the FM every week like I used to back in California.

I found New Roots Organics and the fresh display of tomatoes on their website caught my eye (I'm a sucker for marketing!) I emailed the owner Carolyn asking about delivery options and she responded within minutes (got to love that!) I am set up to get one box every other Wednesday delivered to my office. I like the every other week option because it allows me the opportunity (if I choose) to hit up the FM.

The box was filled with a variety of organic fruits and veggies from local farms and two wholesalers that have networks of local farms in WA and OR. I am looking forward to this spring and summer when more of the produce will be direct from local Washington farms. I am also looking forward to trying to grow some of my own stuff this spring...more on that later!
Last night we roasted half of the carrots with a honey/olive oil mix and boiled/mashed 3 of the purple potatoes with some of the parsley (and butter!) I've never had purple mashed potatoes before, but they were pretty amazing...the carrots too, I wish I had made the whole bunch! We paired this with pork chops and it was a very satisfying and tasty meal!


  1. YUM! This is so great to support the local farmers and to benefit by getting fresh fruit and veggies at your front door. My mom has been getting boxes of organic f & v's delivered now and says it's like Christmas every time she gets a new package. Because it's always different!

  2. The every other week option is great! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I joined a CSA one summer but was very disappointed. Maybe living in Ohio makes it a not so good idea :( No, that's not true, I think it was just a bad summer. We got a TON of green beans and squash. The weather was bad that summer so we didn't get much variety. Iw ill do it again though, it was convenient and the produce was really tasty, either way. Oh, we also got a TON of Bok Choy....random. I'm glad oyu are enjoying yours though!