Friday, February 19, 2010

Chocolate Presents!

One of my co-workers went on a week trip to NYC and brought me back a some candy from Jacques Torres. After my raving about the chocolate drinks, she couldn't resist and had to try it! I came in to quite a surprise today...I was so excited she brought me something...I had been regretting not bringing some home with me:) boyfriend got me those gorgeous tulips for my new office (no more cube!)

So let's talk about mornings....I think I finally am into the groove of getting up early. I was doing great before my trip, struggled a little when I got back, but now am back on track. I completed 3 morning workouts this week...Tuesday 6am spin, Thursday 6:30am yoga and Today 6 am spin. I feel pretty great and am hoping to add in a Monday and Wednesday morning jog after another week of my current morning steps!

I finally joined a gym so I am able to take spin and lift weights again. I am pretty excited and have gotten into a strength routine with the boyfriend. I can't wait to see results! We are still playing around with our schedule a bit...switching between 6 pm and later evening workouts...I have to get the timing down for meals. I am thinking about splitting dinner up into two small meals where I have one at 6, work out at 7:30-8:30 and another mini-meal or a shake when I get back. I'm not sure if I want to be eating that late, so I will have to be strategic about the food. We like working out later because we are able to use the big room where all the classes are held for abs and stability moves (main space is pretty small).

Does anyone workout later at you eat afterward? Who knows...maybe I won't even be very hungry and just have a glass of milk or something!

Any fun weekend plans out there? We are chaperoning a sorority dance tonight (I'm an advisor) at this fancy venue, kind of excited...I think it's going to be very entertaining! I'm going to yoga plus some additional strength training tomorrow. I also have a much needed massage scheduled tomorrow afternoon (Valentine's gift!) I don't have much planned beyond that...we may take a trip to the farmer's market and probably watch some Olympic action. There will also be a bottle on pinot noir in there somewhere:)


  1. Presents of chocolate are the best - how nice of your co-worker!

    What works the best for me is to eat something light about 30mins before a workout and then eat a bigger meal after. It's hard when it creeps into the evening hours, but if I skip that late meal I find myself waking up STAAAARRRVING in the morn. I think you will have to play with it and see how your body feels.

    Yay for your new gym! I forsee lots of bodypump and zumba classes?! :) You will have to let us know.

  2. I used to be a sorority advisor too! Have fun tonight! I am excited that tomorrow I get to see the BF play in his first rugby game, cross your fingers he doesn't get hurt. Apparently rugby is a pretty rough sport! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Oh I hope the dance was fun!! I can't wait to chaperone dances for my kids, I love to "people watch" and pretend like I'm young again (well, I am young, but you know what I mean!).

    I don't usually workout at night, unless I have to. I find that it really keeps me up and gives me too much energy at the wrong time. When I do workout at night, however, I do eat afterwords to provide my muscles with some nourishment!