Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alice's Tea Cup

Alice's Tea Cup was by far the cutest tea cafe I have been to. This particular location was located on the Upper East Side and full of all different types of people from dates to friends, mom's with daughters and little girls having tea parties with little butterfly wings! The decor was themed Alice and Wonderland and had this really cool mural on the wall across from out table!

The menu was great, lots of salad, scones and sandwiches...even burgers with tea infused mushrooms! But the tea menu was the real highlight! So many varieties to choose from. I ended up with the house special which was a blend of black and green teas infused with vanilla...I could have drank another pot! Speaking of...check out their cute teapots below!

We ended up splurging on the Mad Hatter, which included 3 tiers of scones, sandwiches and goodies. Let's start with the scones...we got blueberry almond, pumpkin and ham & cheese. All equally amazing, but I would have to pick the pumpkin with fresh cream and raspberry preserves as my favorite!

The second tier included a chicken and apple sandwich and a BLT with a blue cheese dressing...yum!

And onto desserts...I could barely fit any more food in my belly, but I had to at least attempt some of that chocolate chip mocha cake. Heavenly. It was dense, yet light at the same time...not sure how that is possible! We took the cookies home and each was a different flavor and all were quite good!

Here is the whole meal...

And can't forget the tea...each setting had a different teacup and saucer...very cute!

The Mad Hatter was reasonably priced for all the food you get ($35 per person, if I remember correctly) The menu also offers a $10 deal where you get a pot of tea and two scones of your choice (which would be plenty!) This would be very dangerous if I lived in NYC...I would probably make an appearance once per week just for the scones and tea deal!


  1. Love the NYC recap :-) I need to try Alice's Teacup ASAP!

  2. THat looks like so much fun! How cute :-)

  3. what a cute little place!

    I have always wanted to visit New York.

    I am really enjoying your recap Gina!

  4. Soooo cute!!! I think I would make the trip to NYC just to go there!

  5. aw,I have always wanted to go to one of those tea shops! It looks so fun and unique with all the little sandwiches and sweets :)