Friday, November 6, 2009

Do One Thing A Day That Scares You...

I LOVE Lululemon's motto...and today I did just that.

I didn't have time for a morning workout so I brought my clothes with me to work with the intention of going for a run sometime during the afternoon. I fought my internal battle all day leading up to 4 pm. Should I just get over my fears and go, or do I take it to the treadmill after work.

Whenever I do something new with fitness I get super nervous beforehand, whether it be a new class, a new route, a new activity, running outdoors, etc. So I searched some blogs that I follow for inspiration and found this one on Glamour by Margarita a couple days ago. I don't know if anyone followed her journey last year, but she was incredibly inspirational. She mentioned that her clothes are starting to get tight and confessed how she has gotten back to that uncomfortable feeling and why she needs to get back on track.

This hit me hard, because I am in that same boat and after reading through all the posts, I found the energy and courage to go change my clothes and head out of the office. I went on a great 3.7 mile run with a few hills and it felt wonderful!

I think this running outside thing may be for me after all:)


  1. Oh Gina, that's so great. Good for you for getting over your fear and doing something that scares you. you'll be running marathons in no time :-)

  2. Great job, Gina!! I get the same new workout anxiety (it's so nice to know I'm not alone!), but am always so happy after getting out there.

    I'm going to try for a nice run outside tomorrow myself, while the weather is still nice :)

  3. I am so excited that you went out there and did it! I have the same fears. So great job tackling the run. I bet you feel so amazing!

  4. Okay, So you have totally inspired me to get out there and run solo today. I usually only run with others outside and after reading this post have decided to get myself out there. Thank you Gina!!

  5. I used to love Margarita's blog over at Glamour. Definitely going to go check out her update! Way to get out there and run!

  6. Love that motto too. I really should step out of my comfort zone more.

    Great job on the run. You rock!