Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lone Yogi...

I made it to my 6:30 am power yoga class, but....seems no one else made it out of bed this morning! I was the only one there to take the class! I felt a bit weird at first, but it ended up being great because the instructor was able to assist me in correcting my moves and help me to align properly. It was like having my own private yoga session:)

I think I may be a little obsessed with power yoga...I practiced on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today...and I am signed up for a class tomorrow:/ The owner of the studio is having a holiday workshop in December and is giving prizes to the 3 people who have practiced the most since September. She told me that I was up there....and I've only been going there since October! Maybe I should take a day off...I think my shoulders are needing some time off:) It would be pretty great to get a prize tho;)

I'm actually pretty excited for the holiday workshop...it starts with a 2 hour power flow class and then they are providing wine and food and raffling off class packages, yogi toes, and Lulu gear. Then Lululemon will be holding a trunk show at the studio...I guess last year they offered 30% off (have I mentioned my obsession with their clothing!) I hope they bring all sizes though...watch them bring all this great stuff for a discount and it's all size 2! That would be my luck:)

My plan for the evening was to do some strength training, but my muscles are pretty tired, so I may take the night off. We had a Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday with some family, so we are planning to use the stock we made from the bones and some of the meat to make a turkey soup tonight...yum! My boyfriend surprised me with homemade risotto with some of the leftover turkey and veggies last night...it was divine! (He is a phenomenal cook!) I will have to start putting up photos of food and such;)


  1. That sounds awesome! I wish we had a decent Yoga studio type place around here. I would totally go! I just do stuff at home which I am sure I am doing incorrectly.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Wow, one on one attention is great!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Ohhhh Lululemon! When I hit my goal weight I'd love to buy a whole new workout wardrobe of Lulu clothes, but then I'd be broke! ;)

    Have you thought at all about a yoga teacher training program?

  4. wow I can't imagine having a one on one...people pay a lot for that you lucky duck!! speaking of I need to go stretch

  5. Gina,
    One on one classes are great . . . a little weird at first . . . but usually these things cost lot's - so it is great that you got to enjoy it and got a great work out in.

    I think we are paired together on the HBBC - I have been running, walking the dog and eating my 7 servings of fruit and vegies. I LOVE the motivation to eat healthy and keep exercising over the holidays.

    My company offers 8 week yoga classes - but the last session ended the week before last and the next session starts next week - I have been missing the yoga classes. They will start up again next week - so I will get back into the swing of things.

    I read some of your older posts and see that you are also a new blogger - GREAT job passing up the pizza at work. This is always a hard time of year at work - there is always food and lot's of candy in many offices. Give yourself a hug for passing up the pizza. Way to go.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. That is great that you found a class that you like so much!