Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Made It!

I made it to my 6:30 am Pour Hour yoga class and it was glorious! I even woke up before my alarm...I guess some days are just better than others.

So with all my free time tonight, I am going to get some extra work done, spend a little time on the elliptical for an easy cardio workout, cook dinner with my boyfriend and watch the Office!!

On the menu tonight is homemade chicken and dumpling soup. The boyfriend roasted a chicken last night and made some stock out of it, so I am looking forward to using that in a yummy soup tonight. I am thinking about stealing this desert recipe from The looks so amazing!

I am participating in the Motivational Match-ups that Jen and Mizfit put together and have been matched up with a gal who is originally close to my hometown in Michigan...pretty cool (Hi Nicole!!) We've been talking about a plan to motivate each other and came up with sending each other our workout schedule for the week on Sunday night and texting each other motivational messages prior to the workout. I am hoping that we can pump each other up to have an awesome workout! We are also going to set a goal to complete in one month (by December 6). Aaaand...we're going to send I-tunes gift cards to each other for making our goal:) I think that is great motivation...I need a new playlist!! next task is to come up with a good goal. I'm indifferent about making a weight goal (I don't even have a scale!!!), so I am thinking of a few options to pick from. I may set a number of morning workouts I have to complete (Which would be super challenging for me!) or some kind of Jeans size goal. I will be back with what I decide tomorrow!


  1. I can't express to you how much I admire you, no scale, you truly are my hero! Good for you for not letting a number rule who you are or dicate your success. Something I struggle with.

  2. Seconded!! I hope that someday I get rid of my scale for good, but right now I'm not in tune enough with my body to let go. I need the feedback -- both good and bad.

    Also, I think morning workouts is a great challenge; though I rarely (and I mean rarely!) workout in the mornings, it really sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. Plus, then you don't have to feel guilty for not working out in the evenings, when life is more likely to get in the way!

  3. I love the idea of the motivational matchup! You will definitely have to keep us posted on how you both do! I think that is why I am loving blogging so much, just having the support of everyone. YAY! I am rooting you on whatever your goals are!

  4. Great job getting up early for your yoga class!

  5. Hi back!!! I do admire you for not having a scale. I agree with Karathon in not knowing my body well enough not to have a scale. Someday, it might be my goal - for now, it really helps me, so I'll keep it around!!

    Best of luck to you with whatever goal you choose - I'll be here supporting you and motivating you in whatever way possible!! I do workout twice in the mornings on a weekly basis and it took a good month to get in that habit and it's still hard!!