Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Planning Workouts

I had my alarm set once again for 6 am with the intention of running intervals and strength training before work. Did I wake up? yes...did I get up? yes...did I put my workout clothes on?! I decided I would crawl back into the warm cozy bed for another hour! Yesterday I was signed up to go to my morning power hour and hit the "off" instead of "snooze". I was sad, but was able to make up the class in the evening.

I really need to get motivation for this whole morning workout thing! I just think my day would be so much better. I wouldn't have to take two showers and I could read or cook a more extensive meal after work. I have the most desire to workout during the afternoon around about 2 pm. I would do that if i had a light day at work, but I feel like I need to be available in the afternoons at work. Also, I'm not sure how to go about getting all sweaty and then returning to work (no showers in the office). Does anyone else do this...any tips?

I figure I am going to try and look at morning workouts as prioritizing myself first thing, and then getting on with the rest of my day. I signed up for yoga tomorrow morning and am hoping to report back that I made it!


  1. Gina, I am *so* with you on struggling with morning workouts! Sometimes they're easy for me, but mostly not.

    I finally decided that the best time of day to work out is WHENEVER I WILL ACTUALLY WORKOUT! Do you have a gym close to your office? Could you sneak out right after lunch 2 or 3 days/week for a short treadmill run?

    Anyhow, hang in there and hope your workout tonight kicks a$$!

  2. The morning workouts are the hardest because the bed is so comfy! I have had the same struggles. I think what has helped me is once I get up I am up. That is the hardest part, and you did it girl! Once you have done the early morning workout you will get off work and feel SOOOOO amazing. You will have so much time to cook, chill, whatever. And i found my days at work were more productive and I was more awake.

    A trick to getting out of bed, put your alarm clock on the complete opposite side of the room. So you are forced to get up and turn the light on. No snoozing... :) It sucks, but it totally works!

  3. The bed is so hard to leave in the mornings! I have to mentally prep myself everynight before I go to sleep. I also snooze 7 times or so... :)

  4. I am just not a morning work out type of person. Its evenings for me. My hats off to anyone that can drag themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to work out.