Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Yoga...

Oh how I love thee!!!

My favorite yoga studio (Mountain Flow in Madison Park for anyone in Seattle) started offering a 6:30 am Power Hour on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I went on Tuesday and I wasn't so sure about the whole morning thing. My body was tight and I couldn't get as deep a stretch as I can in the all I could think about was going back to bed:( I got through the class and felt AMAZING the rest of my day...I even had enough energy to do some jogging and strength training after work!

So, of course I went again this morning! I felt a lot better this time around. *I got up and did an early workout yesterday morning as well, so I am hoping to train myself to switch my workouts to the mornings. It is just a matter of getting out of bed and getting my body used to moving first thing.* I worked up a great sweat...the room is heated to 80-85 degrees, which I love! I swear it warms my muscles up faster and I can get a much better stretch (plus dripping sweat makes me feel like I got a better workout in...and a little hardcore!).

Last night, I took a Restorative Yoga class, which includes about 55-60 minutes of power yoga and 15-20 minutes of restorative poses. I love the restorative poses, I always feel so great and really get good sleep after those classes.

After yoga, I went to this cute local market across the street and picked up some salmon, sweet potato and brussels sprouts. I roasted the potato and sprouts in olive oil, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. I broiled the salmon with a little honey, coarse mustard and wheat germ as topping. Sadly I got distracted on my computer and ended up overcooking the fish and burning the sprouts (left the sprouts in the oven during the broiling process...oops!). I sort of saved the sprouts by pealing off the burned layer, but the fish wasn't so lucky. Only about half of it was edible:( Oh well...I was so "zen" at that point (and starving) that it didn't mater!

I don't have any workouts scheduled for tonight, but I am planning to get back into the gym for some running and strength training tomorrow morning before work.


  1. YAY Gina! I am glad you found my blog and glad to have found yours! I just started my own a few weeks ago. It seems as though we have similar goals. Oh yeah and Yay for the northwest! I am from Boise, Idaho. Good luck to you and your goals!

  2. I too want to get into a morning workout routine. I think the first few days are the hardest, but it's well worth it in the end.

  3. I love Yoga. I turned to it after I lost my dad unexpectly. I took a few classes and it did wonders for me. I then picked up running but fall back on Yoga every once in a while. I love it! Seems like running and yoga go hand in hand.

  4. Syl - I'm glad you could find something to get you through those hard times. I agree, they do go hand in hand:)

  5. I really want to switch my workouts to the morning but the getting out of bed thing is just so tough for me! Gosh i really would love to try a yoga class but I am such a chicken, I am so not limber! I love your blog by the way!

  6. Sam, you should try a beginner class either at a studio or at a gym. Seems a gym setting would be more comfortable for the first time...there is a lot more of a variety of people there.