Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Progress

This weekend was full of rain and gray skies...I guess I'd better get used to it living in Seattle:) So my plan for outdoor workouts didn't come through. I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and buy some rain gear for running in the winter...?

I did make it to a power vinyasa class on Saturday, which was AMAZING! The instructor chose to play some upbeat music during the more intense flow portion of the class and it really energized me to keep moving! I am happy to say that I am getting closer to my yoga goal of practicing the updog in instead of cobra during vinyasas. I practiced updog about 1/3 of the time during my class Saturday:)

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary on Saturday with a nice dinner out at one of Tom Douglas' restaurants here in Seattle. I did ok with my food choices (bread basket: one piece with olive oil/balsamic, appetizer: split a half dozen oysters and a mushroom & tomato sauce dish, entree: halibut with lentils, desert: split a piece of coconut creme pie), but not so much with wine! I had a glass while waiting for a table and then we split a bottle at dinner. I went way over my 2 drinks per week, so that is something I will work on in the coming weeks!

So...all that wine=very tired Gina all day Sunday. I kept my calories pretty low, but I took the day off from working out and did some reading and relaxing.

November Fitness Goals - Week 1
1. Power Yoga 3x per week - I attended power yoga Tue, Wed, Thu, & Sat!
2. Run 10 miles per week - I got to 8 miles this week
3. Strength Train 2x per week - I did one day of ST (i kind of want to count all the power yoga, thoughts?)
4. Maintain a 10 min/mile for 3 miles - Still working toward this goal
5. Improve from cobra to updog during vinyasas - Making progress

November Food Goals:
1. Track everyday and stay within calorie range - I tracked everyday, but was out of range on Saturday (all the wine...oops!)
2. One dinner out per week - Only had dinner out on Sat, but had lunch out on Sat and Sun. I'm think about doing one meal out next month.
3. 2 alcoholic drinks per week - One drink on Friday, 3.5 drinks on Saturday
4. limit added sugar/unhealthy fats to 200 calories - Went over on Saturday

Overall, I think I am making great progress toward my goals and posting my progress really makes me want to do better this week! I am going to focus more on keeping the drinks and added sugars down and getting all my planned workouts in this week.


  1. Happy 2 years w/ the bf!! Also I think that is great that you are listing out your goals, it totally helps me to achieve mine when I can see them, as it keeps me more accountable. And I feel like you shouldn't be too hard on yourself for saturday, as it was special occasion. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post the other day. I'm adding you to my blog list. Sounds like you have some great goals on the horizon.

  3. WOW -- awesome job on accomplishing your goals!! You're doing an excellent job :D

    And happy anniversary!

  4. Hey! I have been meaning to stop by and thank you for commenting on my blog. I am so jealous you live in Seattle; one of my best friends lived there for 3 years, and I just loved it when I visited her there.

    Good job with your goals!