Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rain or Shine...

The forecast this week is rain...EVERY day! This is my first winter living in Seattle, so I am hoping to be able to embrace the rain soon, but coming from sunny California makes it pretty tough!

I have been taking note of how I feel and my progress on runs outside vs. on the treadmill. When I first started running, I was a bit afraid to run outside, I think because people would see me and judge me, etc, etc...! There are A LOT of fit people in the Pacific Northwest and I felt like I would be a slow poke compared to them.

So lately, I have been going outside for one of my runs per week. It doesn't even compare to the treadmill...I feel so slow, like I'm not going anywhere...which, I'm not really I guess! The runs outside feel so much better and I even have a faster pace. So I think I've conquered that fear, but now...what to do with all this rain we've been having. I suppose I should embrace the rain and just take my runs outside anyway.

So a new mini-goal...rain or shine, I am going to run outside this Saturday before my yoga class and report back. Next obstacle will be running in the dark...scary!


  1. Ugh -- I HATE running in the rain! My only advice is to make sure not to wear a cotton shirt - those things soak up water like nobody's business!

    I've read (but not yet tried) that running on the treadmill with a bit of an incline makes the transition from indoor to outdoor running easier. I think the wind resistance is what makes us feel so much slower. Good luck!

  2. I think it's a great goal. As long as it's not pouring running in the rain can be refreshing.

    I also find that my pace is faster outside. I've hear others say it as well. Wonder why that it.

  3. I like your mantra- Rain or Shine! I have had two really AMAZING rain runs this year. I was so upset about the rain and thinking it was going to be horrible, about half way through I realized how energizing and alive I felt. It's great that you are willing to embrace it. I think you will find it exhilerating. But the best thing is the days it's sunny out are so beautiful and will make you appreciate them so much more. I can't wait to hear how your run goes. And You know how I feel now about the treadmill. :(

  4. Seriously, outside is so much better!! Now, running in the dark... I do not like so much :-) Have a great night!