Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Finally Tried it!

After weeks of curiosity, I finally tried a Green Monster this morning. I wanted to have an energy boost before my morning yoga class...and that it did! I felt awesome...these are going to become part of my regular routine...although I am thinking about adding some frozen berries to the mix! I got hungry again while getting ready for work so I brought some oats with me and had my second breakfast. I like the idea of splitting up my breakfast like that...it really kept me going:)

Thanksgiving Update

Well....I will admit that I ate more desserts than necessary, however I did spread them out and I stopped eating when I was full. I never felt stuffed all weekend, but maybe I could have made better choices. In any case, I'm not going to dwell on it. My plan was to get in one workout, but that didn't happen:( My body did enjoy my 3 days off from running/yoga, I think I needed that rest, because now I feel great. I signed up for a yoga class when I got back on Sunday and definitely noticed the difference in my body...I felt much stronger after the 3 rest days.

And did I mention Tom Skerritt (super talented actor) was in my yoga class Sunday?!?!! I was a little star struck, I must admit! I didn't realize he lived here in Seattle...it was pretty cool to see him in that environment! I came home and said to my bf..."Holy crap, I just practiced yoga with William Walker (I watch Brothers and Sisters every Sunday and loved him in Picket Fences)!

Workout Plan

My scheduled workouts for the week include:

Monday - 6pm, Speed Intervals, 30 min (2.5 miles) - Done!
Tuesday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga 60 min - Done!
6pm, Strength training, 30 min
Wednesday - 3pm, Run 3.5 miles outside (at work)
Thursday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga
6pm, 2 miles on treadmill (try for 10 minute/mile pace)
Friday - Off
Saturday - 9am, Run 3 miles outside
9:45am, Power Vinyasa Flow 75 min
Sunday - 4pm Restorative Yoga 90 min

I'm finding it hard to fit in 10 miles per week and all my yoga and ST without having a day for rest...I hope that I can soon add mileage to each day so that I am running 10 miles, 3 days per week. I get pretty tired after 3-3.5 miles, so my next December will be to do a 4-miler on the weekend and two 3 milers during the week. Speaking of Goals.....here are the results to my November Goals:

November Goals Report:
Fitness Goals:
1. Power Yoga 3x per week - Done!
2. Run 10 miles per week - Close...I'm calling it a victory because I made an effort to run each week!
3. Strength Train 2x per week - Beyond yoga, I didn't do extra ST 2x each week
4. Maintain a 10 min/mile for 3 miles - I am close to this...I think I can do it by the end of December.
5. Improve from cobra to updog during vinyasas - Done!

Food Goals:
1. Track everyday and stay within calorie range - Out of range a few times
2. One dinner out per week - Done, for 3/4 weeks
3. 2 alcoholic drinks per week - Fail!!!
4. limit added sugar/unhealthy fats to 200 calories - Fail!!!

I am going to keep these goals going into December. For fitness goal #5...my new yoga goal is to hold crow pose.


  1. I've been dreading trying those green monsters, can get the nerve up...just cant!

    you did great on your goals, you are only human and I think you did fantastic!

  2. Yay for green monsters! :) My day just isn't right without them. Sounds like you are really hitting your goals this week. Great job!

  3. Congrats on another great week! After all of your intense workouts, I'm sure your body appreciated the rest this weekend :)

    I like the green monsters, but I NEED to have fruit in there to counteract the spinachy taste! Sometimes I add a scoop of the Amazing Grass powder to get in some extra nutrients...it actually tastes pretty good.

    Good luck accomplishing all of this week's goals!

  4. Great job this week! It was wonderful to see your goals accomplished! Keep up the great work :-)

  5. Way to go on your goals. That is cool that you can fit in a run at work! I work 8.5 hours and then hit the gym for and hour and I feel like the whole day is gone after that. It would be nice to be able to work out on my lunch break, but I only get 1/2 hour and I am a sweat ball when I finish. :P I L-O-L'd when I read your goal of drinking 2 alcoholic beverages per week and you wrote FAIL!!! That's cute. I'd fail that all day everyday! :D Have a great week!

  6. Jessie - Yes, the limited alcohol this is sooo hard! But one good thing I am taking away is that now I am aware of how much I actually consume. Some weeks less, some weeks more...it usually depends on who I am around!

  7. It's hard especially b/c it's the holidays too. And honestly, that's how I relax - sipping a cold Shocktop while I take a hot bubble bath. It's how I roll. I am trying to just limit myself to drinking beer on Friday and Saturday nights though. It's hard, especially when I eat Mexican during the week - I need a Tecate or a Corona! :)