Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Recap

So this week was a little harder than the rest. Work picked up and I found myself struggling to manage my time and get my workouts in. I figured it out by the end of the week and I am excited to keep making progress this week. Here are my workouts for the past week:

Workout Schedule:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Run Intervals 2.5 miles + 60 minutes Yoga - skipped the run, did the yoga
Wednesday - Run 3.5 miles during work + 75 minutes Yoga - skipped the run, did the yoga
Thursday - 60 minutes yoga (am), Run 1 mile (at higher speed) + Strength Training (pm) - Did the yoga and ran 3.5 miles during work
Friday - off
Saturday - 75 minutes yoga + 3 mile run - Done (3.5 miles)!
Sunday - 90 minutes yoga - Done!

So I got in 7 miles this week and 5 yoga classes...not bad, but I will do better this week and get in my 10 miles. My eating was pretty great all week...I stuck to my 2 glasses of wine and one desert (homemade apple crisp - split with boyfriend). I had a small piece or two of chocolate everyday to satisfy my sweet tooth and found this a great way to keep from snacking after dinner.

I ate out 3 times all week...and made decent choices. I split a couple entrees at an asian restaurant with my boyfriend on Thursday night and stopped eating when I was full. Friday we went to a french restaurant and I ordered butternut squash soup to start and had salmon with a small portion of whipped potatoes for my entree. I stuck to one glass of wine...we usually order a bottle here, plus we skipped desert (a first!). Saturday I got a half tomato/moz/basil pannini with a cup of tomato basil soup from a deli down the street (so good and I even stopped eating the soup when I was full and saved the rest for later...success!!!). I think I am getting the hang of this listening to your body thing.

So this week my workout plan includes the following:

Workout Schedule
Monday - 2 hour yoga workshop
Tuesday - Run intervals (3 miles) +ST
Wednesday - Elliptical 30 min or off
Thursday - Yoga 60 min
Friday - Run 3.5 miles + ST
Saturday - Run 3.5 miles + 75 min yoga
Sunday - 90 min yoga

I think this week is doable...Wednesday is up in the air...I am going to listen to my body and take the day off if I need it.

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