Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yummy Snacks and NYR Ideas

I had my first Glow Bar today...holy YUM!!! I had the Empower bar, which is dark chocolate and roasted coffee...can I say it's my favorite even though I haven't tried any of the others yet?!

I've had a great weekend...great workouts, smart eating and got all my Christmas shopping done:) The workouts consisted of:

1. Friday - 30 min elliptical, ST upper body and 1-mile run
2. Saturday - 75 minute yoga
3. Sunday - 3 mile run and 90 minutes yoga

I also got a much needed massage on Saturday...I am thinking of making my New Years Resolution to earn one massage per month. The way I will earn my massage is getting my in 10 miles running and 3 sessions of yoga each week. I think that is doable and will keep me on track! I am also thinking about signing up for a 10K in March. A couple friends are doing it and it would be a great goal for me.

I had a girls night out to a wine bar on Saturday...I was really excited about this, because I haven't made too many friends yet since moving here. I had a really great time with the girls (they are the ladies signed up for the 10K). I stuck to 2 glasses of wine, had a chicken entree and we split baked brie for an appetizer and sea salt caramels for dessert (each got one caramel). It was the perfect amount of indulgence...I wasn't stuffed, but was satisfied, and happy I didn't go crazy!

I am looking forward to the festivities this week and coming weekend and not worrying too much about food...I think I've got this one!

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  1. Great idea about earning "massages" with running goals. I might have to steal that idea as I missed every one of my workouts this weekend!