Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Goals Re-Cap

I am very happy with my progress last week:

Monday - 6pm, Speed Intervals, 30 min (2.5 miles) - Done!
Tuesday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga 60 min - Done!
6pm, Strength training, 30 min - Done!
Wednesday - 3pm, Run 3.5 miles outside (at work) - Done!
Thursday - 6:30am, Power Hour Yoga - Done!
6pm, 2 miles on treadmill (try for 10 minute/mile pace) - Skipped:(
Friday - Off
Saturday - 9am, Run 3 miles outside - Done!
9:45am, Power Vinyasa Flow 75 min - Done!
Sunday - 4pm Restorative Yoga 90 min - Done!

So I only skipped one workout...not bad, since I had already put in a yoga session that morning. I was just under my 10 miles for the week, but I am just happy to be keeping consistent! I am a bit overwhelmed at work this week, but I am going to keep my workouts a priority. I took Monday off because I had a killer headache all day, but I am aiming to make up for it today:)

My eating has had some ups and downs. On a positive note, I am getting in a lot more veggies now that I am drinking the green monsters for breakfast. I also have been having salad for lunch. I did have a couple slip-ups this weekend that included a trip to McDonalds and take-out from a Mexican restaurant, but i think I made decent choices. Other than that, the eats have been pretty good. I only drank wine on Friday, but I may have had 3-4 glasses...aaaaand some chocolate mousse (it was glorious!) But onto a new week...

Workout Schedule:
Monday - off
Tuesday - Run Intervals 2.5 miles + 60 minutes Yoga
Wednesday - Run 3.5 miles during work + 75 minutes Yoga
Thursday - 60 minutes yoga (am), Run 1 mile (at higher speed) + Strength Training (pm)
Friday - off
Saturday - 75 minutes yoga + 3 mile run
Sunday - 90 minutes yoga

My goal to get those size 32 jeans to fit did not happen, although the jeans do feel a bit better...I am not quite there. My motivation match-up, Nicole, and I are extending our goals until the end of January. So that should be enough time to get into those suckers...even with Christmas coming up...I hope;)


  1. Great job yet again, Gina!! I'm so impressed that you set really lofty goals for yourself and meet them week after week :)

    E-mail me if you want to get together while you're in NYC!

  2. Wow, you are doing awesome! Seriously, what a great schedule ;-)

  3. Thanks ladies...I need to crank it out this week!!! Karathon...I'll be in touch once I figure out our plans...I only have about 3 days there, so hopefully we are able to work something out!!!