Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sore Muscles and No Music:(

I finally got a great strength training session in last night. I did a 30 minute total body circuit and I am feeling it today! One thing I noticed in my workout is that I can now do lunges where my knee touches the ground and I can also do the stability ball roll-ins. I used to never get those...I think because my core has improved so much that now they are possible. I'm still working on toe push-ups...I have a weak upper body, but that will soon change!!

So with all those sweet moves, my body is feeling it today! I managed to get a 3.5 mile run during work at about an 11 min/mile pace. Those damn hills get me every time. I think if I were running a flat course my pace would be a bit faster (but I don't think that exists in Seattle)! I will just keep working on running those day I will do it!

While on my way to work today, I realized that I had forgotten my ipod, so I had to do that run with no music!!! Not cool! I can see how its safer to run without music or if you have a route away from busy streets, you can listen to nature...but my route is nothing but cars zipping by. If it weren't for the sunny sky and the gorgeous views of the Cascades and Olympic Mountains, it would have been super boring!

We are actually supposed to have sun through this weekend, so I may take advantage and do another run on Friday (and my usual Saturday). I have yoga tomorrow morning to stretch out these hip flexors....ouch!


  1. Oohh just think though - if you do a race outside of Seattle on flat land you are going to be whizzing by everyone. I think the hills give you extra endurance and make your lungs stronger than those who just run on flat ground.

    Oh and I feel your pain on the iPod thing. I haven't been able to find mine for 2 weeks which is really affecting me. I also use mine for the NikePlus tracking so I feel naked running without it. I have NO idea how far, how fast...eeeeek!

  2. those hills are sooo good for you, I promise in the long run you'll be happy you have them...teh super flat is actually kinda hard