Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Re-cap

As I said last night, my weekend was pretty action-packed with is what I accomplished:

Workout schedule:
Monday - 2 hour yoga workshop - Check!
Tuesday - Run intervals (3 miles) +ST - Check!
Wednesday - Elliptical 30 min or off - Off
Thursday - Yoga 60 min - Check!
Friday - Run 3.5 miles + ST - Ran 1 mile, 30 min elliptical, + ST
Saturday - Run 3.5 miles + 75 min yoga - yoga, Check!
Sunday - 90 min yoga - Check + 2.6 mile run (though it was longer, but ended up only being 2.6!)

So I check most of my workouts off my list last goal, however, is to still get to that 10 miles per week. I am having the hardest time making myself get out there and run. Once I get moving I am's just getting myself to move! My plan for this week:

Workout Schedule
Monday - 75 min Yoga
Tuesday - 60 min Yoga + 3 miles Intervals
Wednesday - ST
Thursday - Jog 3 miles + Yoga
Friday - Off/Merry Christmas!
Saturday - Jog 4 miles + yoga
Sunday - Yoga

We are having a pot luck at work tomorrow...I'll report back on my future successful choices;) Can I confess that I am a bottomless pit lately...yikes!

Ooooh and clothes are feeling a bit better lately...still inthe same size, but a tad more comfortable!


  1. Yippeee for feeling comfy in your clothes!

  2. Inspiring work out schedule. You may not be at your 10 miles but you are still kicking some serious butt!