Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Recap

If it wasn't for all the goodies at work, I think I would have been ok! But I can't complain too much...I made each choice and my clothes still fit. I definitely made better choices this Christmas than prior years. I would say I had dessert everyday, but I did stop eating when full. My meals were a little more indulgent with cheese, butter, etc. I did stick to a healthy Green Monster every morning and then either lunch or dinner was indulgent.

I did pretty well with the workouts (only got in half my running):

Monday: 75 min Power Yoga
Tuesday: 60 min Power Yoga
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 75 min Yoga, 2.5 mile run
Friday: off
Saturday: 75 min Power yoga
Sunday: 2.5 mile run

This week I am hoping for 4 yoga classes and 10 far just one yoga class, so I have to step it up!

On to a more exciting note...I got a new SLR camera for I may take the blog in another direction and begin posting more food and recipe entries...maybe one prepared meal per day. I just need to learn how to work it goal for the weekend!

Another goal for the weekend is to do lots of running...small amount (2-2.5 miles) each day with my boyfriend and his little sister (she is 15). She mentioned she wanted to workout with us, which I think is AWESOME! We got her a Lululemon hoodie for Christmas...I think that's what inspired her...haha! I am planning to run with them twice over the long weekend and do my own runs twice. The runs with them will be at more of a beginner level, but it will be fun and I'll count them as cross-training!

Another cool gift I got was a cookbook that uses goat cheese in every recipe! I love goat cheese! I made a salmon taco dish last night and it was glorious...I will have to make again and post pic with my new camera!


  1. Yay! Your new camera and cookbook sound fun. I am curious to hear about these goat cheese recipes. I too am a fan! And way to inspire those around you. I think it's neat that the bf's lil sis wants to partake in your running. I think the running bug is contagious!!

  2. What a great Christmas gift! I look forward to photos & recipes in the near future. Have fun this weekend!

  3. That would be great is his little sister would workout with you two! How fun! I am so jealous of your new camera :-)

  4. I feel so inspired to go try yoga whenever I read your blog. I am just so nervous about it!

    Gah! I am uber jealous of your new camera! I can't wait to see what kind of pictures it takes!

  5. So cool your boyfriend's lil sis wants to run with you! What is the name of that cookbook? It sounds fab!

  6. mmmmmm.....I LOVE goat cheese.