Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini Vacation!

I just booked an extended weekend get-away to NYC next month!!! My best friend is finishing up her graduate degree at NYU this semester, so I though I'd better visit just in case she gets a job else-where:) I have never been to the City, but I am so excited to go and really looking forward to a girls weekend!!! We haven't seen each other in over a year:(

We haven't made an itinerary yet, but I know I'd like to go to a Broadway show. She suggested In the Heights...but I am taking suggestions. I looked up the trailer and it looked pretty entertaining...hip hop musical love story that won a Tony in 2008.

There is so much to do and see that I will have to pick just a few of them. I will be there 3 whole days (with 2 travel days) and I know I want to see Central Park and eat at some fun restaurants in addition to the show. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? I'm sure she will have ideas as well...I just want to be prepared...(I'm a total planner!)

I'd really love to be able to go for a run through Central Park, but it being January...its not likely! I will save that for next time:) I wouldn't mind trying a yoga or spin studio while I'm there...I always read about how many cool fitness studios there are in NYC.

I love having a trip to look forward keeps me going sometimes with this whole health thing! We will be taking lots of pictures, so I want to look fab in them!! I am most excited to just be there and take it all in! I probably won't want to leave:)

On a sidenote...I made a green monster this morning and there was a little left-over, so I poured it in a cup and left it in the fridge. A couple of hours later, my boyfriend was texting me for the recipe so he could make another...he loved it!


  1. OMG I am so excited for your trip to NYC! You are going to have TONS o Fun! Maybe you can meet up with Karathon (I am pretty sure she lives in NY). So jealous! Ohh that is funny about the bf liking the green monster. They like it until they know what's in it.. hehe

  2. I am so jealous! What a great experience! I can't wait to hear about it :-)

  3. You beat me to it, Linz! :D

    We should meet up for some healthy eats, a run and/or a fun workout! There are a bazillion cool yoga studios to check out, and a few spin places that are pretty awesome too...

    E-mail me: and we'll plan something!

  4. How exciting! I've never been to NYC either. I don't have any specific suggestions for you but have a GREAT time!

  5. I am so jealous, that's one of my dream destinations!

  6. Oh HOMEGIRL! You are going to have so much fun! EAST COAST REPRESENT!!!!! You should totally plan to run in Central Park, cold or not! Not a lot of people can lay claim to that! :) Excited for you girl!