Friday, December 11, 2009

Running for myself!

I was inspired by Jen' post this morning about ME having to get out there and do it for myself, soooo....I got outside. I took my lunch break to the road and put in 3.5 miles in about 39 minutes. I am still in that 11 minute/mile category, but I am just glad I got out there. Plus it was so cold, my lungs could barely handle it!

Reading all these great blogs everyday really helps me get motivated. When I see all these people doing great things for themselves, it reminds me that I deserve great things for myself too!

I am glad I got the run in now because I have plans tonight to attend a SassyFit Holiday party being held at the local Lululemon! I am pretty excited, I absolutely love both companies. I took a bootcamp with SassyFit last summer and can't wait to sign up for another once we get daylight back! They also keep a really cool blog (linked above) with great fitness and heathly living tips:) I also love that both companies offer promotional fitness classes, sometimes together!

The rest of my weekend plans include shipping Christmas prezies to my family in the midwest (staying in Seattle for the holidays...) and some yoga and running. It is supposed to start raining again next week, so I have to take advantage of the clear skies while I can! I am also thinking about a couple baking projects...I am going to raid some blogs I follow for healthy baked goods and give them a try!!!

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