Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food Blogger Goodies!

After reading so many blogs that feature a various array of nut butters and other healthful goodies, I decided to stock up and try out some new things in my meals! I came home a couple weekends ago with 5 nut butters (fresh ground almond, coconut, cashew, maple almond and chocolate peanut butter), chia seeds, nutritional yeast, raw crackers, raw food bars and shredded coconut. I haven't tried all of the nut butters or bars yet...too many new things at once!

I do have to say that coconut butter and chia seeds will become a staple in my home moving forward! I love adding the seeds to my oats and plan to play around with more recipes I have been seeing on other blogs. The coconut butter is also SO good on oats, but also on fruit, pancakes, muffins, straight out of the jar...the list goes on! I may also try to make my own once I get a food processor (also seems to be the new rave!!)
The shredded coconut has been going into my oats and I used the nutritional yeast in a salad dressing and topped some eggs and kale chips with it. I may try adding to pasta next time. Its not bad, but I don't see go thru large quantities at a time like the coconut butter...

I have been adding the Dark Choclate Dreams to fresh sliced fruit for dessert, but I could also eat that on anything (or just straight from the jar!) It is so delicious! I don't think that tub will make another week:)
What is your favorite nut butter??? I have yet to try the cashew butter, but my altime favorite is fresh ground almond because it still has littel chunks of almond in it (and its fun to grind at the store!)


  1. This is something I've been meaning to do- there are so many "food blogger" foods that I'm embarrassed not to've tried! Dark Chocolate Dreams is definitely HIGH on that list. I'm glad I've tried Barney Butter or I'd feel like a total failure.

  2. OK - I have got to find me some Dark Chocolate Dreams . . . sounds too good to be true.

    I eat Almond butter and really love Chocolate Hazelnut butter.

  3. Oh - I forgot to mention that those strawberries and kiwi and apple look really really good.

  4. YUM!! And FUN!! I have been wanting to buy that Chocolate dreams and found a store that carries it. That will be next on my list. As far as nut butters go... I have only had almond. I am really wanting to try that cashew. Sounds tempting!