Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I Love

1. Yoga - especially vinyasa flow

2. Cooking - experimenting and collecting new recipes

3. Photography - close-ups of food, nature and candid shots of my favorite people

4. Wine - Fav white is Sauvignon Blanc from Chile or New Zealand and red is CASK (100% cabernet sauvignon) from Rubicon Estate

5. Eating local - There are so many markets and restaurants in Seattle that feature local ingredients

6. Farmer's Markets - you can make a whole afternoon centered around a Farmer's Market...I always feel so good after spending the day there and cooking the ingredients I picked up for dinner that night!

7. Travelling - I just love going to new places and trying local wines and food

8. Wineries - I love the atmosphere at vineyards and wineries...nothing beats the aroma you experience when driving into Napa Valley!

9. Gardens - Flowers or vegetables...I would love to have my own some day

10. Spas - I can never get too many massages, pedicures, facials, etc!

11. Movie night - I love going to the movies or getting a rental and making popcorn at home

12. Hot chocolate - the best during fall football games or after a venture in the snow

13. Geology - it was my major after all! I am giddy about rocks and nature:)

14. Dining at fancy restaurants - I love tasting menus with fancy presentation!

15. Lululemon - I will never have enough luon!

16. Hiking - I can't wait to get outdoors this spring and try some new trails:)

17. Kayaking - best when followed by some yummy Mexican food.

18. Cabining - I really love to stay in B&B-type cabins for the weekend and make fires and cook in

19. Chocolate anything:)

20. Boats - I need to make friends with some boat-owners!

21. Running outside - hopefully I will be adding racing to this list soon!


  1. I love having friends with a boat!!! I always wanted to buy one, but the husband is a little resistant on that one! I hope you have a great weekend. I loved reading your list :-)

  2. When you find a friend with a boat let me know!! :) Then I will be friends of a friend with a boat. And then maybe I can come boating! Wooo hoo! I love your list! Didn't know you were a geology major.

  3. Wine: have you tried Murphy Goode's "The Fume"? Such a great sauvignon blanc. So with you on the boat. Every summer I try to convince my husband that we really need one ;)