Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yoga at Home

I love practicing yoga at a studio, but sometimes it just doesn't fit my schedule. I've been thinking about practicing on my own without yogadownload or an on demand source. I have a vacation to Mexico coming up in about 3 weeks and my plan is to stay active on the trip (between laying poolside and spa activities!) I thought staring out my mornings with some yoga on the beach would be great, and maybe even a short jog to warm up. I also plan to take swim breaks from being completely lethargic next to the pool!

So on Friday, I made a yoga playlist including some Enya, Dido and slower Incubus tracks and rolled out my mat in the living room. I chose sequences that I like from classes I've taken and just by what was feeling good at the moment. I practiced for about 35 minutes and it felt great...I could have kept going. I am confident that I will have no problems practicing solo on the beach in a few weeks. I think it will be a great way to start the day and hopefully keep my somewhat on track!

After my practice, I set up the camera to capture a few of my favorite poses. I didn't include all of them, but it was neat to see what I look like and a good way to make note of corrections in form I can work on.

Ps. that is a new shirt from Lululemon that I absolutely LOVE! it's not great for yoga because it moves too much, but is great for cardio and/or weight training. I think its great to wear with regular clothes as well. In fact, I wore it to work with jeans and a blazer...I just love the pale yellow color this spring!

Are you comfortable practicing yoga on your own, or do you need instruction? What is your favorite pose? I also like dancer pose because I am getting better at it, but didn't take a phot of that one!


  1. For the last few months I have been taking a 30 minute yoga class through work and loved it . . . but recently started attending classes at a yoga studio (I have gone three times) Oh My gosh - it is so great. The class is 90 minutes and it is so great to spend more time on the poses.
    I really like Sun Salutations and Tree pose. But I agree that dancer pose is wonderful and I am also just getting better at it.

  2. when i do yoga at home, i usually either do yogadownload or have some kind of pose guide with me. i am not too too familiar with all the moves, so i need to look at something.

    and yes, i really like that shirt as well! love love the yellow colour!

  3. I am new to yoga so I actually prefer doing it at home. Until I get the moves down, I am staying in the privacy of my home! Hopefully I'll get the courage (and the money) to one day take a real class. I really do love it.