Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunny Weather

It's been so nice in Seattle lately and I have been pretty busy making the most of it. With the time change, it seemed like the afternoon when I got out of work last Friday! I changed into workout clothes and hit the pavement while the bf hit the elliptical. I did a short 1.8 mile hilly loop in a sub-10 min/mile pace, which is pretty great for me! I really liked the loop, I had beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mt Rainier. After the run, I met the bf back at the gym and we did a full body strength training workout. It felt great!

When we got home, we both felt like eating out and have been wanting to go back to Dahlia Lounge since we ate their for NYE and decided it was time. We started with oysters and cocktails (I got champagne). Then I had a winter white salad with cucumber, endive and a truffle dressing. My entree was the Alaskan salmon with morels, mashed potato and roasted asparagus...yum! We spilt a dessert and called it a night! This was an awesome splurge of a meal and we had so much fun!

Saturday was a beautiful 68 degree sunny day and I started out with a heated flow yoga class at 8 am followed by a veggie juice and huge bowl of oats! We watched the St. Mary's game then went for a long hilly walk to grab sandwiches for an outdoor picnic in a park. It was fun and I soaked up as much sun as I could! Later I had a massage and it was painful, but so so great. I took a nap after and we made steak, sweet potato and salad for dinner and met some friends out for drinks. I had 2 glasses of wine out and one glass at dinner...I think I am going to try and cut back on the alcohol again!

Sunday was great...I took a restorative yoga class and relaxed the rest of the day. We also made all our meals in which doesn't happen often on a Sunday!

It's been sunny this week so far and is supposed to get to 68 again tomorrow. Yesterday, I took a yoga class, but had the itch to go out running so I am going to make up for it today! I am planning to take advantage of the sun and go for a run after work...probably that same loop as last week x2. I hope to get in another run tomorrow at lunch.

Do you ever feel like you NEED to be outside when it's nice? I feel like I'm wasting a nice day when I don't go out and do something!


  1. I definitely feel like I should be outside enjoying the nice weather. I hate to waste a good weather day! Sounds like you have been yoga-ing it up! That is awesome. Oh and all your meals sounds scrumptious!

  2. ur dinner sounds delicious!!!!

  3. I feel the exact same way!! I always want to enjoy every moment outside when it is good weather!

  4. I *absolutely* feel that way about being outside when the weather is nice. All day Saturday I felt like I was WASTING it because I was working and organizing in our home. Speaking of the sunshine, I hope you're getting the chance to enjoy it today!

  5. Yes I did enjoy the sun today for a 40 min walk at lunch...glorious!

  6. Even if I am exhausted from a great workout... I find myself taking a walk in teh evens when it's great outside because I want to soak it up!