Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Breakfast!

One of my favorite things to do during the weekend is cook a big brunch with the boyfriend. This week we decided on scrambled eggs with fresh salsa and cilatro. We also added some left-over New York strip steak, multigrain toast and fruit. I went to the market to pick up supplies and saw this new fruit I had never heard of...Lemon Plums! I had to get a couple to try. These eggies were expensive since they were local, organic, free-range, etc, etc...! But oh so yummy! We had some again on Sunday...

The salsa was so tasty...I could eat that entire container in one sitting!

The cilatro added that extra oomph to the meal. We also sauted the steak with a little shredded cilantro and it was perfect.

The lemon plums had the texture of a plum, but a bit more of a citrus flavor, and the color of lemons. Pretty yummy, though.

The finished product...mmm! The toast was from the Essential Baking Company. It's the best multigrain that I've tried so far:)

I had a pretty great weekend full of fun activity that I plan to blog about throughout the week! I got out for a 3.3 mile run during the sunshine on Saturday as well as my favorite yoga class. I took my boyfriend's sister to afternoon tea at Queen Mary's Tea Room and then shopping afterward. Sunday, I went for a walk to try an organic juice/smoothie place and to pick up some new healthy food items I've been wanting to try (went a little crazy on the nut butters!) I also went to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh fish for dinner...we went with Alaskan delicious! Lastly, I had my yoga workshop and it was fantastic!! I feel great!

What did you do this weekend???


  1. Fun weekend! And way to represent on the Fruity Monday!! YAY! I have never even heard of this lemon plum. Sounds very interesting! And your brunch sounds delish!!

    I saw Cop Out this weekend. I thought it was quite funny. Also the bf and I made Polenta Pizza. Not bad I say!

  2. Those lemon plums look fantastic. I need to hunt them down and try them!

  3. There is nothing like a really good organic egg -- the taste is just a million times richer and "eggier" (for lack of a better word!) than the mass-manufactured ones. :)

  4. I redecorated my bathroom, guest bedroom, raced, and hung out with friends. Seriously, you should have a warning on your website that you are going to be salivating looking at the food. It looks sooooo good :-)

  5. Thanks Staci! Wow that's a lot of work you got done...I'll bet that feels good!