Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last Sunday, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some dinner ingredients and other goodies. We decided to see what types of fish they had fresh that day and find a recipe from Rick Stein's Seafood book to use it in. They had fresh Alaskan king salmon and cod and we decided on the just looked to good to pass up! We chose a recipe that included grilled cod served over a bed of mashed spring onion potatoes with a soy-butter sauce. I also picked up some asparagus to serve on the side. We pan fried the cod because we like it cooked that way better. The potatoes were very easy...we boiled 4 small-medium potatoes until tender and sauteed the spring onions in a little butter. The onions were added to the mashed potatoes along with a little milk to make them creamy. We sauteed the asparagus until tender then added some balsamic and sauteed another minute or so. The sauce was a reduction of chicken stock and soy sauce..once it had reduced by half, we added butter and diced tomatoes. The dish was excellent! The cod was very tender and cooked perfectly and the sauce mixed with the potato and cod was the perfect combination of salty and creamy, but was not too heavy.
I am always so impressed by the selection of fresh fish in this is one of my favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest! Next up...salmon:)
We ended up going out to sushi last night at Shiro's in Belltown and it was the best we've had yet in Seattle. A lot of the fish was local and fresh and it was melt in your mouth good! My favorite was this thinly sliced red snapper from was amazing! The salmon from Canada was really good too, very tender, almost creamy. I could become a regular there!

I got my organic produce delivery from New Roots Organics today, so I am looking forward to using some of the ingredients tonight in a meal! I will post pics of what was included tomorrow:) I also have plans to workout tonight...I signed up for a yoga class, but I hurt my wrist yesterday (I have no idea how!) and I think it would hurt to much to put pressure while in downdog and other various poses:( I am icing it today and hopefully it feels better tomorrow...there is this little hard lump on the top of my wrist...and its so painful! So it will probably be a cardio night...maybe a little strength training as long as I'm careful!

What is your favorite type of fish or sushi? I'm a sucker for salmon!