Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Liberte Yogurt

I've found a new yogurt....Liberte...it is SO GOOD! I noticed this stuff at my local market and the "Goat Fresh Cheese" caught my eye. I picked up a container of the raspberry and tried during my lunch the next day. It was thin, fruit at the bottom type of yogurt...it reminded me of a raspberry blizzard I used to get as a kid from Dairy Queen! This yogurt is made with goats milk, so it's easier on digestion and the tast is fabulous! The only problem I have is that it's always the first flavor gone from the shelves...I have to get 5 at a time whenever I see it stocked!

I looked at their website for more information on the product and I was pretty excited to see that they promote sustainable practices. I get really excited everytime I find a new product with those types of core values!

I read about their other products and thought I would give a few other yogurts a try. The market near me only has the goat fresh cheese and the mediterranee (more milk fat). I tried the lemon, coconut and plum walnut flavors of the mediterranee and the honey fresh goat cheese. All were equally tasty! I would have to say that the coconut had these flakes at the bottom and when you mix it all together it tastes like coconut cream pie....SO delicious!

The mediterranee products are higher in fat and calories, but make for a great dessert substitute as they taste just like desert! I am hoping the market restocked today because they were all out last night!


  1. Plum and walnut?!?! YUM! I have to find this stuff. Or, I guess I could just make my own :) Probably cheaper. love walnuts, with just about anything.

  2. I have never seen that yogurt. I will have to look for it :-)

  3. Yummy yum! I have never even heard of these, but I am definitely going to be on the look out. Sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've heard VERY good things about Liberte and as a self-proclaimed yogurt-lover I need to try some ASAP :-) Great review!

  5. i have only seen the mediteranee kind but would love to try the lower fat one, i will keep searching!!